Joint Broadband Technology Opportunities Program Request for Information

March 12, 2009
Docket Number: 

American Recovery and Reinvestment
Act of 2009 Broadband Initiatives

"David Kartchner" <>

(Late Submission)
Attached, please find the CONXX response to the NTIA/RUS BTOP RFI. If you
have any questions, please feel free to contact me at either of the numbers

Best regards,

Dave Kartchner

David E. Kartchner

Executive Vice President


434 N Centre Street

Cumberland, MD 21502

240-580-2763 . Mobile 801-699-9300

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CONXX NTIA BTOP RFI Response.doc 367 KB

GVNW Consulting, Inc.

(Late Submission)
Please see attachment below.

BTOP41309.pdf 112.54 KB

"Molloy, Janice" <>

(Late Submission)

Attached please find the Solix and Vangent comments for the Broadband
Technology Opportunities Program.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me
on 973-581-7676

Eric Seguin

Vice President

Solix Inc.

100 South Jefferson

Whippany NJ 07981

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NTIA RFI_ SolixVangent.doc 2.62 MB

LEMKO Corporation

(Late Submission)
Please see attached file.

Lemko Corp RFI Response.pdf 202.86 KB

"Jim Lindsey" <>

(Late Submission)
My name is Jim Lindsey.

I am the director of Telecommunications for an Engineering and mapping
firm in Littleton Colorado.

Our firm is interested in any information and or updates available
regarding the Broadband stimulus act.

We would like to get involved by offering our services to the government
and or recipients of funds under this act.

Any information that would help us in getting plugged in would be
greatly appreciated.

If any information is requested from our firm, please feel free to
contact me via phone or e-mail.


Jim Lindsey

Director of Telecommunications

8201 Southpark Lane, Suite 200, Littleton, Colorado 80120

OFFICE (303) 339-5397 | MOBILE (303) 523-8102


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image001.jpg 28.15 KB
image001.jpg 28.15 KB

Jeff Ferry

(Late Submission)
Infinera is the leading producer of long-haul optical neworking equipment in North America. We have pleasure in enclosing our recommendations for the broadband stimulus program. We have two principal recommendations, listed below, and a full discussion is in the attached letter from our CEO.

(1) The stimulus program guidelines should support US-based technologies and US companies that invest in R&D in the US.

(2) The guidelines should support green technologies, i.e. energy-efficient optical networking technologies.

Thank you.
Best wishes,
Jeff Ferry
Director, Communications

Infinera letter NTIA-RUS_13April09.doc 51.5 KB

"Shaffer, Allen" <>

(Late Submission)
Please add us to the Broadband Correspondence list regarding the BTOP
program.Thank you!

C. Allen Shaffer

Direct Dial 614.227.4868



Bricker & Eckler LLP
100 South Third Street
Columbus, OH 43215-4291

Main 614.227.2300
Fax 614.227.2390

Think green! Please print only if necessary.

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email_logo2.jpg 33.64 KB
email_logo2.jpg 33.64 KB

Daryl Chansuthus

(Late Submission)
See attachment

Letter of Support.doc 31.5 KB

Kenneth Daniels <>

(Late Submission)
Please allow me to comment on the dire employment situation we Americans
are facing.

I am a Manufacturing Engineer for Zhone Technologies, Inc., located in
Largo,Florida. We manufacture leading edge digital access, and
communications equipment. We are one of a dwindling number of
electronics firms that manufacture in the United States, because so many
companies choose to manufacture overseas. However, we have proven that
American workers can still compete, and that American technology is
still viable.

Regarding the Stimulus Package, which has provisions for $7.2B to expand
broadband, it is estimated that 60% of broadband infrastructure projects
will go to equipment vendors like us. However, many manufacturers build
their products in Asia. While I don't believe in outright protectionism,
I do feel that the investment dollars from this stimulus bill should be
targeted to promote the employment of Americans, and not create more
jobs for Asians.

Americans depend on their jobs for food, clothing, shelter, provisions,
and something other workers don't have to worry about, health care!

Please help Americans, by influencing the Departments of Commerce and
Agriculture to apply the Buy America provision, and avoid sending half
the $7.2B in broadband stimulus funds to support jobs in Asia.

Thank you very much.

Kenneth Daniels
Manufacturing Engineer
Zhone Technologies, Inc.
Largo, Florida

kdaniels.vcf 298 bytes

Houston Harris County Coalition

(Late Submission)
Please see attached.

HHCC_Comment_090309298929901.pdf 185.86 KB

"Kreinheder, Jack R (GOV)" <>

(Late Submission)
Please see attached comments from the State of Alaska.

Jack Kreinheder
Office of Management and Budget
State of Alaska

SOA BTOP Broadband comments.doc 391.5 KB

Amy Monaco

(Late Submission)
Please devote resources now proposed for wireless broadband to fiber optic broadband and DSL instead.
Please consider these points:
1)The biological effects due to increased rf radiation must be examined and considered for all deployments. Each frequency has a unique bioactivity that must be determined.
2)New rf exposure standards based on the BioIntiative Report (publ. 08/07) need to be determined. (
3)According to a study by the European Fiber to the Home Council, the CO2 emissions of the information and communications technology industry (ICT) exceeds that of the entire aviation industry. Most of these emissions are caused indirectly through the electricity produced to power the equipment and keep it cool. Next-generation fiber optic networks that carry exponentially more data than the old copper networks and are ten times more energy efficient. This is due to the fact that the loss of signal in optical fiber is less than in copper wire, which means lower-power transmitters can be used instead of the high-voltage electrical transmitters needed to amplify the signal in copper wires.
4)Many proposed systems could use wireline and/or fiber optic technology for the end of the line service to homes, etc.
Possible Solutions: Broadband over Telephone lines

Used in most cities

Infrastructure is already in place

Microfilters must be used because they allow your phones to work properly by blocking the High Frequency DSL signals from being transmitted through the telephones. DSL filters should be plugged into EVERY phone jack that has a phone.

786 kbps download speeds

Fiber Optics -

Download speed up to 2.5Gbps

Loss of signal in optical fiber is less than in copper wire, which means lower-power transmitters can be used instead of the high-voltage electrical transmitters needed to amplify the signal in copper wires.

Less susceptible than metal wires to interference.

Basic systems are capable of sending signals up to 5 Km over Multimode fiber and up to 80 KM over Singlemode without repeaters.

The photons traveling down a fiber cable are immune to the effects of electro-magnet and RF inference.

Almost unlimited capacity

Most secure - requires a detectable cut in cable to access impossible to passively listen or to tap into a fiber optic circuit.

Thank you,
P.S. See attachement - current cell antenna news in France

France and cell antennas 03_2009.pdf 247.78 KB
France and cell antennas 03_2009.pdf 247.78 KB

Brian Mefford

(Late Submission)
Comments of Brian Mefford, Chairmain & CEO of Connected Nation

CN Filing_2009 04 13.pdf 5.64 MB

Shmuel Feld

(Late Submission)
submitted as attachment.

Broadband plan filing (NTIA).doc 42 KB

Steven McGee

(Late Submission)
The Heart Beacon is awaiting a response from the Department of Homeland Security and is in the publication stage of the patent process. It is intended to be self funding and sustaining with
Native American indigenous sovereign nations leading.

The Heart Beacon is the basis for telecommunications infrastructure failover such as what would be tested at the Department of Energy NISAC facility yet was developed for low bandwidth tactical radio links to support operational schemes in harsh / remote (rural) environments.

- The heartbeat is simply an interval in time to gather more state meta than usual that in turn sets up enhanced network management mechanisms referred by the military as "maneuvering the network"
aiding in "spontaneous integration" of adhoc groups.

- It has been trained to soldiers implementing these procedures in conditions that would approximate less than optimal first responder conditions and is primarily a training challenge since these
procedures have been in use by the military for over a decade and in use by the DHS on their Blackberry and other handheld devices since 2004.

- APCO / NENA regulations stipulate the heartbeat sub protocol and heart beat messages as do financial SWIFT protocol systems and military network warfare systems = the same common denominators.

Without consistent, common use of these common denominators in use on every networked device on the planet a Single Integrated Operational Picture SIOP a.k.a. the grail as stated by Office
Secretary of Defense OSD IT personel is not achievable any time soon.

The military provides 20% of its own communications and the remainder it leases from telcos and large government contracts like NETWORX. The military would realize an 80% greater usage rate of their Network Centric Warfare and First Responders would be able to achieve data interoperability, synchronicity and the benefits of network centric operations -- not
to mention effectively respond to the next 9/11 type scenario currently impossible due to different data transaction formats and different data harvesting intervals... etc.

Steven J. McGee |SAW Concepts LLC|Simple Wins Concept LLC CEO / Scribe for The Heart_Beacon|
PO Box 28 Oceanport NJ| 07757-1354|
Office: 732.229.7275|Cell:732.768.5440|
Secure E-Form:

IRODS_Heart_Beacon_April_2008.doc 1.16 MB
CDC_Oak_Ridge_RFP.doc 239.5 KB
Homeland_Heart_Beacon_SOSCE.ppt 5.05 MB
NPS_Essay_final.doc 399.5 KB

Jacqueline McCarthy <>

(Late Submission)
To Whom It May Concern:

Attached please find comments of PCIA-The Wireless Infrastructure Association and The DAS Forum. We file these comments in response to the Joint Request for Information and Notice of Public Meetings, 74 Fed. Reg. 10716 (Mar. 12, 2009).

Please confirm receipt of these comments via reply email.

Best Regards,

Jackie McCarthy

Jackie McCarthy, Esq.
Director of Government Affairs
PCIA, The Wireless Infrastructure Association
901 N. Washington Street, Suite 600
Alexandria, VA 22314
(o): (703) 535-7407
(m): (703) 851-6777

PCIA DAS Forum comment to NTIA RUS FCC 4.3.09.doc 83 KB

Christopher Guttman-McCabe

(Late Submission)
See attached.

090324 NTIA Interconnection Panel ExParte.pdf 49.92 KB
090324 NTIA Interconnection Panel ExParte.pdf 49.92 KB

"Eric Jensen" <>

(Late Submission)
fyi, just wanted to doubly ensure our comments were included in the policy deliberatioms for allocations of the broadband stimulus funding. Thank you.

Eric Jensen
Policy Counsel
National Tribal Telecommunications Association
519 Tennessee Ave
Alexandria, VA 22305
(703) 683-3742
pcs: (703) 868-8325

NTTA Broadband Stimulus funding 46.5 KB

"James McConnaughey" <>

(Late Submission)
The attached describes an April 14, 2009, meeting with NTIA staff and
David Townsend & Mark Kennet.

Market Frontier Meeting.doc 24.5 KB

Shared Spectrum Company

(Late Submission)
Shared Spectrum Company respectfully submits the attached comments in response to the joint Request for Information issued by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the Rural Utility Service on the implementation of the broadband provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act).

SSC BB Stimulus Comments (4-13-09).pdf 149.15 KB

James Driessen

(Late Submission)

Unlicensed spectrum is critical for the development of wireless computer networking. The pressing demand for wireless Internet provides us an opportunity to reconsider this experiment in unlicensed spectrum. "Community Mobile" is the template for new networks in the unlicensed spectrum that would promote the development of wireless Internet and our national interests.

INVITEE.pdf 84.67 KB

"Mike Wilson" <>

(Late Submission)
Comments of CostQuest Associates and the LinkAmerica Alliance are attached.

CostQuest Associates and the LinkAMERICA Alliance believe the advancement of
(a) broadband deployment on the supply-side and (b) broadband-based
applications on the demand-side are vital enablers to the economic
opportunity and quality of life for all Americans. As such we stand in
strong support of the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP)
advanced by this proceeding.

CostQuest Associates and the LinkAMERICA Alliance are experienced broadband
mapping and assessment firms that encompass all key disciplines including
but not limited to broadband mapping, technology deployment assessment,
modeling of likely deployment costs, and the identification and assessment
of demand-side broadband applications.

CostQuest Associates and the LinkAMERICA Alliance submit the attached
comments for you review and consideration.

FYI - The comments were also submitted using the online form, but it appears
that the form is not working.

Mike Wilson

Vice President, Professional Services

CostQuest Associates

Bellevue, Washington



This message may contain information that is attorney-client privileged,
attorney work product or otherwise confidential. If you are not an intended
recipient, use and disclosure of this message are prohibited.

If you received this transmission in error, please notify the sender by
reply e-mail and delete the message and any attachments.


CostQuest_LinkAmerica_BTOP Comments 041309.pdf 925.42 KB

Brett Glass

(Late Submission)
Rural broadband provider Brett Glass, d/b/a LARIAT, respectfully submits the attached comment (see PDF file) for your consideration.

Stimulus recommendations.pdf 57.78 KB

Arthur Firstenberg

(Late Submission)
I am resubmitting my comments, this time with formatting and in the form of a letter, so it will be easier to read.

ACF7B99.doc 26 KB
ACF7B9A.doc 28.5 KB
ACF7B9B.pdf 319.44 KB
ACF7B9C.doc 32.5 KB

Randy Carpenter

(Late Submission)
Please add me to future correspondences and e-mails

Comments and Information attached

RFIBroadbandquestions.doc 28.5 KB
Hal-Tec Corporate Overview.pdf 1.26 MB
General Intro Letter.doc 262.5 KB

"NTIAHelpDesk NTIAHelpDesk" <>

(Late Submission)

>>> "Miron, Luc" 4/13/2009 7:14:42 PM >>>
It appears that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania electronic submission
(copy attached) timestamped at 4:22pm on NTIA web site did not upload
properly. The PDF attachment converted into something completely
illegible. Link to defective upload is here:

I have re-submitted the Governor's Office submission.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Luc M Miron JD MBA
Governor's Office of Administration
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

From: Miron, Luc
Sent: Monday, April 13, 2009 4:22 PM
To: ''
Subject: Commonwealth of PA submission [Docket No.


Please find attached written response from Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, Governor's Office of Administration, related to joint RFI
issuance from NTIA/RUS re [Docket No. 090309298-9299-01].

Comments have also been electronically posted on NTIA website.

Thanks for your consideration of this matter.

Luc M. Miron JD MBA
Governor's Office of Administration
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, PA 17120

<< File: 04 13 2009 FINAL SIGNED Response to NTIA - RUS Notice.pdf >>

04 13 2009 FINAL SIGNED Response to NTIA - RUS Notice.pdf 1.11 MB

Steve Smith

(Late Submission)
please see attached, thank you.

University of Alaska Comments_041009.pdf 31.88 KB

James Driessen

(Late Submission)
I hope this finds the Afternoon Roundtable on the Role of the States.

"It's the network"

Someone will have to actually visit and test drive the new technology. WE HAVE NEW TECHNOLOGY. Will one of you on the panal take the challange and vist and test drive a 15 millisecond handoff, fast roaming between nodes; 300 Mbps data rates per node; and excellent seamless convergence capabilities to traditional wireless carriers that we have?

If not, then the State will have to be given the guidelines for how to do this.

Community_Mobile-PervasiveCloud.jpg 98.79 KB
LGE_Community-Mobile.JPG 74.81 KB
Community_Mobile-PervasiveCloud.jpg 98.79 KB
LGE_Community-Mobile.JPG 74.81 KB

Gregory Rise

(Late Submission)
Replacement comments.
Replacement comments for initial submission made on March 25, 2009. This submission includes: 1)Public testimony at March 24th public meeting, 2) final expanded replacement comments, plus supporting letters from 3) NSPE, and 4) ACEC.

ACE NTIA RUS Public statement 2009 03 24.pdf 94.98 KB
ACE Reply to NTIA-RUS RFI 2009 04 13 rev.pdf 188.74 KB
7108 NSPE.pdf 123.18 KB
ACEC ARRA broadband comments 4-09.pdf 128.01 KB

"Jeffrey Mayhook" <>

(Late Submission)
Dear sir or madam:

Out of abundance of caution, I'm emailing the attached comments on behalf of
Pend Oreille County Public Utility District #1, which, per the attached
receipt in the lower right corner, we filed electronically online earlier
this evening at 7:58 p.m. (PDT), which would have been 10:58 p.m. (EDT).
Unfortunately, however, your filing system logged us as having submitted
precisely at 12:00 a.m. on April 14, 2009. So, to avoid any
misunderstanding regarding this apparent inconsistency, we're re-submitting
the our comment filing ahead of what we understand to be the East Coast
midnight deadline. If you have any questions about this matter, or there's
a problem we should know about, please contact us right away. Or, if
there's no problem with your accepting our earlier online submittal, please
disregard this follow-up transmittal

THX and best regards,

Jeffrey Mayhook


34808 NE 14th Avenue

La Center, WA 98629

(360) 263-4340 office

(360) 263-4343 fax

(360) 609-3769 mobile

DO NOT read, copy or disseminate this communication unless you are the
intended addressee. This e-mail communication contains confidential and/or
privileged information intended only for the addressee. If you have
received this communication in error, please call us (collect) immediately
at (360) 263-4340 and ask to speak to the sender. Also, please e-mail the
sender and notify the sender immediately if you have received the
communication in error.

To comply with recent IRS rules, we must inform you that this message, if it
contains advice relating to federal taxes, was not intended or written to be
used, and it cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may
be imposed under federal tax law.

Pend Oreille NTIA-RUS 4-13-09.pdf 693.51 KB
Pend Oreille NTIA-RUS receipt.pdf 25.21 KB

"BYRD, BRUCE R (Legal)" <>

(Late Submission)
Per instructions contained in the Department of Commerce and
Department of Agriculture Notice: American Recovery and Reinvestment
Act of 2009 Broadband Initiatives, dated March 9, 2009, I attach
comments of AT&T Inc.

< (4-13-09).pdf>>

Bruce R. Byrd
Vice President & General Counsel - Washington
AT&T Services, Inc.
1133 21st St., NW, Ste. 900
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 463-4148 (office)
(202) 286-2676 (mobile)

AT&T Comments to NTIA-RUS re BTOP (4-13-09).pdf 103.21 KB

"Allison Miller" <>

(Late Submission)
To Whom It May Concern:

Please add me to your correspondence list.

Thank you,

Allison Miller

921 SW Washington St, Suite 370

Portland, OR 97205

Direct Line: 503-414-0460

Fax: 503-227-8585

This message, including any attachments, is intended for the sole use of
the individual to whom it is addressed, and may contain information that
is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable
law. If you are not the addressee you are hereby notified that you may
not use, copy, disclose, or distribute to anyone the message or any
information contained in the message. If you have received this message
in error, please immediately advise the sender by reply email and delete
this message.

image001.jpg 4.91 KB

Shashi Gupta

(Late Submission)
Comments and a Presentation are filed in the form of atttachments.

ACF76D6.pdf 146.53 KB
ACF76D7.pdf 5.14 MB

K. Timothy Cline

(Late Submission)
See attachment.

RFI.NTIA.April 2009.pdf 119.67 KB

Paul Walken

(Late Submission)
See attachment

03-23-09 Final BTOP Comments Submission.pdf 44.67 KB
03-23-09 Final BTOP Comments Submission.pdf 44.67 KB

"James McConnaughey" <>

(Late Submission)
The attached describes a March 11, 2009 meeting with OPAD staff and a
LinKAmerica Alliance team led by CostQuest Associates. Associated
slides are also included.

cost quest mapping meeting_1.doc 24.5 KB
Mapping NTIA_March112009_LinkAmerica.pdf 4.71 MB

"Matt Tennis" <>

(Late Submission)
Bernadette McGuire-Rivera

Associate Administrator

Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications

RE: In the Matter of American and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Broadband
Initiatives; Docket No. 090309298-9299-01; Joint Comments of RNK and
Wave2Wave in Response to Joint Request for Information

Dear Associate Administrator McGuire-Rivera:

Attached please find the Joint Comments of RNK, Inc. d/b/a RNK
Communications and Wave2Wave Communications, Inc. hereby submitted in the
above referenced docket in Word format.


Matthew Tennis


333 Elm St., Suite 310
Dedham, MA 02026
t: 781-613-9148
f: 781-297-9836

preceding E-mail message contains information that is confidential, may be
protected by the attorney/client or other applicable privileges, and may
constitute non-public information. It is intended to be conveyed only to the
designated recipient(s). If you are not an intended recipient of this
message, please notify the sender at the above number. Unauthorized use,
dissemination, distribution, or reproduction of this message is strictly
prohibited and may be unlawful.

image001.jpg 7.55 KB
ARRA Broadband Stimulus_RNK NTIA-RUS Comments_Docket 090309298-9299-01_4-13-09.doc 95.5 KB

Chuck Riley

(Late Submission)
307 East Hardin Street Findlay, Ohio 45840
Phone: 419/422-3306 Fax: 419/420/3664

Tom Vilsack
Secretary, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Office of the Secretary
US Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Ave., S.W.
Washington, DC 20250

April 13 2009

Secretary Vilsack:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)charges the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) and the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) with the task of disbursing $6.85 billion dollars via grants for broadband infrastructure and adoption programs. The FCC has also recently announced its intent to develop a national broad­band plan.

The mission of Homework Central, Inc. is to improve children's academic achievement by providing a literacy-rich, safe and nurturing environment through one-on-one mentoring relationships with caring teenagers and adults. We are providing homework assistance to children who are academically at-risk and do not have stable academic assistance at home. During the school year 2008-2009, we have served 45 children of which 71 percent of their families are at or below poverty level and 33 percent are in an Individual Education Program at school.

A recent donation of three new computers through Connect Ohio enabled our program to help these at-risk children to reach their full potential. The No Child Left Offline program, which is made possible by the public-private partnership of Connect Ohio, is helping us to add a computer lab to our reading room and life skills activities area.

Next year's goal is to be able to serve up to 60 children in our program. Our ultimate goal is that additional community organizations will provide similar programs in their neighborhoods. We are dedicated to offering our assistance to these programs. To date, two other community organizations have patterned their programs after Homework Central, Inc.

As you implement the Broadband Data Improvement Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and as you develop a national broadband plan for America, I urge you to support and fund programs such as Connect Ohio. The Connect Ohio program works across the state to stimulate demand for broadband and computer use through local technology planning, broadband mapping, local research, and digital literacy projects such as No Child Left Offline.

Every state should have a program like Connect Ohio.


Chuck Riley
Board Chairman

Ken Kuchno, Director, Broadband Division,Rural Utilities Service, USDA
Mark Seifert, Senior Advisor, NTIA
Dr. Bernadette McGuire-Rivera, Associate Administrator, Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications, NTIA
Scott Deutchman, Legal Advisor, Office of Commissioner Michael Copps, Federal Communications Commission

homeworkcentralagcomments.pdf 786.19 KB

"Jim Powers" <>

(Late Submission)

To what degree is WiMax in general in scope, firms such as
Clearwire/Sprint have had "shovel ready" projects in place before the
may laze hit

Ps pls add me to any list you may have,



Jim Powers

Pre Sales Solutions Manager

Smtp: Voice: 212-966-0034 Fax: 212-274-1726
HD Video Conference IP: |
eTribeca, LLC. | 134 West 26th Street 10001 | New York | NY

See us in the Cisco News Room:

P Please consider our environment before printing this email.


This email and any attached files are intended for the intended
recipient(s) and may contain
confidential information. Reproduction, dissemination or distribution of
this message is

prohibited unless authorized by the sender. If you are not the intended
recipient, please notify

the sender immediately and you must not read, keep, use, disclose, copy
or distribute this

email without the sender's prior permission.


image001.gif 3.75 KB
image001.gif 3.75 KB

United States Cellular Corporation

(Late Submission)
See Attachment

2009 0413 USCC Comments.pdf 257.84 KB

Bartlett D Cleland <>

(Late Submission)
Please find and accept comments attached. Thank you!

Bartlett D. Cleland
IPI Center for Technology Freedom
p (972) 874-5139
f (972) 874-5144

IPI NTIA Comments 03.25.09.pdf 193.04 KB
IPI NTIA Comments 03.25.09.pdf 193.04 KB

David Hannum

(Late Submission)
[see attachment]

NTIA-letter.pdf 20.77 KB

Sunesys, LLC

(Late Submission)
See Attacchment

NTIAExParte.pdf 172.46 KB

The Telecommunications Industry Association

(Late Submission)
The Telecommunications Industry Association respectfully submits its Comments on the Joint National Telecommunications and Information Administration - Rural Utilities Service Request for Information, Docket No. 090309298-9299-01.

NTIA-RUS RFI Comments Final.pdf 67.26 KB

David G. Rusin

(Late Submission)
See Attached

NTIA Comments_041309 PM.pdf 2.15 MB

Leroy Watson

(Late Submission)
National Grange comments

4.13.09 NTIA broadband program comments.doc 79.5 KB

The Telecommunications Industry Association

(Late Submission)
Attached please find a letter from the Telecommunications Industry Association requesting that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service, as it establishes a timeline for administering the Rural Development Broadband Program pursuant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, expedite the broadband grant and loan award process and provide the first round of such awards well prior to the end of the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2010 (FY 2010).

RUS Fund Allocation 608.03 KB

Kansas Corporation Commission

(Late Submission)
Attached is a letter from Commissioner Moffet of the Kansas Corporation Commission. It supports key aspects of the proposal filed by NARUC earlier today.

ACF6A5B.pdf 42.57 KB

Scott Musser, Partner

(Late Submission)
On behalf of EvenLink, Inc.LLC, we greatly appreciate the NTIA allowing the public to comment on this significant process. Please refer to the attached PDF filere: Comments to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utility Service on Rules for Broadband Grants and Loans

ACF779A.pdf 166.83 KB

(Late Submission)

The initial meeting went very well and we want to thank you for the excellent efforts to provide both remote web and the teleconference access.


A critical issue has come up in our inquires to the FCC. As you are probably aware the FCC has set aside a range of radio spectrum for educational broadband service or (EBS) to be used by schools and the community for Broadband Wireless Access. This is the quickest and lowest cost method for a rural community to implement broadband services. In discussions with the FCC today case number 1162847 I was informed that the FCC has a freeze on new license applications for EBS and was provided with the attached document which in not on the FCC main page, but had to be searched for with the correct document code. The 2007 document attached in section 12 states that current filing freeze is in effect. If you go to apply for the license at the FCC web site you are un able to do so...


Section 12 of this document


"In this connection, we note that the Commission implemented a filing freeze with respect to all applications for new BRS and EBS licenses, as well as for major modifications of those licenses, in order to permit the orderly and effective resolution of issues in the BRS/EBS proceeding"


This is a major blockade to schools and rural communities to roll out broadband services. The reasoning is not clear but should be revisited quickly or it will seriously impact the ability of NTIA grantees to implement  services. Could you please pass this issue on to the stimulus committee and FCC. There is a Texas Federal Stimulus Meeting on the 14th where this well be read inot the record as well...




Brent K. Earley


Chairman - National Broadband Infrastructure Partnership




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DA-07-435A1.doc 92.5 KB