Comment to enhance the performance of the IANA functions

                            By Antoine KANTIZA, Legal representative of the non profit

                                 organisation “Promotion de l’Education ŕ Distance”

                                 BP 5175 Bujumbura-Burundi



IANA named “Internet Assigned Number Authority” satisfies the users of the internet until this day, reason for which it would be necessary to renew the mandate of the IANA to protect the neutrality of the flows of information about Internet, it is said that we do not change a team which wins, simply it will be necessary to increase the performance of the IANA with the possibility of increasing the range of the addresses IP to face the growth of the users on Internet which is spirit to reach its critical point further to big request.


My suggest is that IANA could improve its activities on Internet by preventing every risk of dislocation of the Internet as unique entity, by multiplying the backbones of the internet through five continents and even by putting the relays of the internet on orbit in the space, besides, it would be possible to decentralize the numbering of the addresses IP by continents and by languages used in the focused continent like the numbers ISBN for conventional books in Library (International Standard Book Number), so every continent can have a class of IP almost like class A with small broad Network part with a too small sub-Network part and very wide band Network host to be able of taking into account the exponential growth of the users who can be connected on internet in the future.


The privatization of Internet Assigned Number Authority will pull inevitably partners' economic change with another working logic; the almost free access of the knowledge conveyed on Internet will be paying to the detriment of the poor population of developing countries, everyone will agree that the dependence of IANA on the Department of Commerce of the USA is the lesser evil for the users of the Internet who will have no more the access to a unique internet on all the planet and than moreover, it is better to have a moral authority instead of having no morality or even to have a morality of it in the doubtful objectives.

 I think frankly that in the years to come, the interest of the citizens of the whole world will be the same interest as for the American citizens: to promote the freedom and the safety for all around the world. At present moment, Internet is for the avant-garde of the citizen of the world of the immediate future. Reason for which, the world should rather protect or rather improve the current structure of the internet through the preservation of the current structure of the IANA.


Prof. Antoine KANTIZA, Master UTICEF,-
Webmaster at the National Radio-Television of Burundi  &
Legal Representative of the non profit organisation " PROMOTION DE L'EDUCATION  A DISTANCE"  BP 5175 BUJUMBURA-BURUNDI
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