From: Vik Olliver /NZ <>
To: DNS <>
Date: 2/1/98 2:54am
Subject: .moon or .luna Top-Level Domain Name


I for one would like to support the creation of a .luna domain name. In
times to come, the designation .moon could be considered ambiguous.

The organisation with which I am associated (Artemis, currently could be in the position to use this domain name in the
not too distant future.


Vik :v)


From: "Richard C. Bartel" <>
To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns),NTIADC40.SMTP40("rcbartel@i...
Date: 2/1/98 12:12pm
Subject: Comment attached from Richard C. Bartel, PO Box 70805, Chevy Chase, Md. 20813 (HTML and TXT): Should be regulated under FCC Part 52

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    From: Rob Buckman <>
    To: "''" <>
    Date: 2/1/98 2:34pm
    Subject: Comments on Discussion Draft 1/30/98

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    February 1, 1998


    Subject: Comments on "A Proposal to Improve Technical Management of Internet Names and Addresses - Discussion Draft 1/30/98"

    1. I am the owner of a small web page development business and offer the following comments and recommendations for your consideration at it relates to the issue of top-level domain (TLD) competition.

    2. There can be no debating that open season (read: commercialization) on TLDs will have a chaotic, "El Niño" effect. One need look no farther than the perpetual, senseless creation of Usenet newsgroups to recognize what would happen to the Internet. No further evidence or experience -- as suggested in the Draft -- is necessary.

    3. Additionally, the current Uniform Resource Locator (URL) format is structured semi-intuitively. For example, it doesn't take the educated guess of a rocket scientist to figure out that the URL for IBM is, or Ford, Competitive domain naming will cause this intuitiveness (read: common sense) to be forever lost.

    4. RECOMMENDATION. Allow top-level domains to be determined (with public input) and managed by the "new corporation," not by commercial entities. In this litigation-bent society, it will not benefit anyone but lawyers to have Ford, Mazda, Chevrolet, and Toyota fight for years over the domain name, ".truck," or ".auto." Freedom and innovation can (and does) exist within the perimeters of the current system and will continue to thrive with TLDs managed by the proposed new corporation. Also, functionally grouped TLDs will be much more intuitive than geographical (e.g., .us) grouping considering the Internet's global nature. If a user wants to access the Ford web site, the user should not have to know the location of that web site. It could be anywhere.

    5. ALTERNATIVE RECOMMENDATION. Allow businesses to have their company name as their TLD. IBM would be, or Microsoft, It's certainly intuitive and may circumvent eons of litigation in the likely case both wanted the domain name of, ".computer." For those that do not want their own TLD, use a standard such as ".com." The new corporation should manage these TLDs, giving preference to established businesses such as the ones used in the examples, above.



    Rob Buckman, Owner
    3RI Computer Services


    From: Hugh Caldwell <>
    To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
    Date: 2/1/98 3:36pm
    Subject: Discussion draft 1/30/98


    On page 5, I find the following:
    " As these functions are now performed in the United States, the new
    corporation will be headquartered in the United States ... "

    I consider this a contentious issue and don't believe that the United States
    is, without discussion, the best place for the headquarters of the new body.
    Is it really supposed that there will be, or should be, global acquiescence
    on this point?

    Hugh Caldwell
    Clos du Cinquantenaire 2-B8
    B-1040 Brussels
    tel: +32 75 46 38 01
    fax:+32 2 7336408


    From: Ed Stapleton <>
    To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
    Date: 2/1/98 4:05pm
    Subject: Proposed Government involvement in the internet DNS process

    This proposal sound like MORE, instead of less, government meddling!

    Ed Stapleton


    From: <>
    To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
    Date: 2/1/98 6:17pm
    Subject: Washington state congressmen

    I am writing on behalf of a request that I have and need from you if you have
    any assistance to my request please respond rather quickly. I am wanting and
    needing an e-mail address for the Washington STATE congressmen. I have
    questions concerning my local area and at times I need assistance on behalf of
    business's part. So please respind and I wish you the best of luck in all your
    up coming events. Thank you for any help or instruction you may beable to
    grant me with.
    with best regards,
    Sara R. Smith