From: "John A Rogers" <>
To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date: 2/28/98 8:49am
Subject: Re: Discussion Draft

Attention: Ira Magaziner
Re: Discussion Draft

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Attention: Ira Magaziner
Re: Discussion Draft

The start of the new domain names in the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS) should not be delayed any more.

The US Government, can not and should not claim it has jurisdictional authority over a global Internet.

The gTLD-MOU process must be taken into account as must the consultative process put together by the Internet community. It has been 2 years in the making and is supported by many companies and the U.S. Based International Trademark Association. At its heart, the gTLD-MOU process is supported by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), the group that has run the Internet's DNS since it was created in 1984.

We must not allow the bureaucratization of the Internet. The Internet is not a political tool, to be fought over by governments.



From: "C. Robert Rose" <>
To: "''" <>
Date: 2/28/98 12:36pm
Subject: Re: Discussion Draft

Attention: Ira Magaziner

Please be advised that I am extremely displeased with the US governments interference with respect to the domain name policy changes and, on a broader scale, its first steps to control the Internet.

As a an Internet Service Provider, the changes proposed to date do nothing but indicate problems and additional costs to me in the future. I deal daily with government regulated entities, ie., telecommunication companies, that because of their regulations, provide substandard service at inflated prices. History has repeatedly demonstrated that all government regulations ultimately lead to more cost to the consumers.

While the large telecommunications "whine" to the FCC and other government organizations about the "need" for regulation, their motives are nothing but attempts at market domination. The business community understands this why does your organization not?

A workable solution was developed to the current issue and does not require government interference. Should the government continue on its present course I will insure my organization uses its full resources to stop this blatant attempt to regulate the Internet.

C. Robert Rose
WorldNet of Louisiana, L.L.C.


From: Dennis <>
To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date: 2/28/98 8:13am
Subject: Comments on New DNS

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

I am a small business owner. Recently I have preregistered my new domain
name metrolab.firm, but sadly enough have not been able to
implement it due to the fact that our United States government has put a
"hold" on its decision.

I urge you as represenatives, to think hard what may happen to the
existing DNS if you were not to decide on implementing the proposed new
domain name system. The existing .com's are becoming few and far between
when trying to come up with a name that best suits your
company's name, and these are growing at an exponential rate. Wouldn't
it be practicle to differentiate between compnay's with specialized
domain names such as .shop, .web, .firm, etc. I can only see this
solution as a simple, yet effective way in which the internet community
grow and expand. It is time for that expansion and change NOW.

We need to put in place a new domain name system to allow the internet
to proliferate into what has become an informative and FREE conduit of
human interaction. Yes, the internet has a dark side as well, but so
does all of lifes good things. I think we've done a superb job building
has become a phenomenal network of human kind's ideas, insights, and
wisdoms. Do the right thing.

Dennis Lloyd


From: Van Sayler <>
To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date: 2/28/98 5:09pm
Subject: Discussion Draft

Attention: Ira Magaziner

My comment on the Government's draft proposals on the DNS governance is for

Van Sayler
Fixed Income Department
Raymond James & Associates, Inc.


From: Van Sayler <>
To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date: 2/28/98 5:13pm
Subject: Discussion Draft

Attention: Ira Magaziner

My comment on your draft plan concerning the goverance of the Internet's DNS
is for the United States government to stay out of this issue. There is a
already in place that is working reasonably well.

To think that you can insert
the United States Government with all of its politics and process into the
process and make is run smoother is to ignore the long history our
government has
of well intentioned efforts that cause havoc and create artificial barriers
and incentives.

Please let the existing effort continue without your interferance and
withdraw your


Van C. Sayler
St. Petersburg, Florida