From: "Friedrich Kisters" <>
To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date: 3/8/98 9:08am
Subject: Comments on GREEN PAPER

Dear reader, dear Ira Magaziner

I am not an american citizen. I am interested in the developement of the internet. I have registered names with interNIC .com, .org, ... as well as registered names in Switzerland and other countries .ch, .as, ... and also pre-registered names with the "7 new domaines" as well as with the original .web. I am president of HumanBios! GmbH, a company starting to be more and more interested and involved in the internet. I am no personal friend of anyone in the U.S. government, the CIA or whatsoever (at least I don't know about it) and the most important thing: I trust in my being objective, even if I am also involved financially in the internet, as so many others are.

No question: The Internet is and will be a second, virtual world. But it is slowly developing a very similar "character" as the real world.

I happened to learn, that in russian the word "world" means "MIR" and "MIR" at the same time means "peace". Isn't that funny? We all are realistic enough to see, how difficult it is to really bring together the two words "world" and "peace" in reality, be it in the U.S., in Russia or here in the Internet.

The merely economically led thoughts that attack the american Government for its internet implications as such show me that we are slowely becoming witnesses of the first "real internet-war".

So many wars were caused by mere economical interests and again - even in this virtual world - it is mere economical interests causing real troubles.

Why do people pre-register at their own risk? Why did I pre-register? Well, of course to possibly make a lot of money and/or to get to a better position in the internet. And what are we angry about, now?

Isn't this the same situation as if you buy a lottery ticket and as soon as you seem to loose, you start insulting the government saying that they are responsable for your loosing the money which you had "invested" in your lottery ticket?

It is true that a lot of people (me included) have pre-registered for maybe millions of $ and all of them have been dreaming of becoming millionairs overnight, but what's the U.S. government or even InterNIC got to do with all that? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

In my eyes InterNIC certainly made a lot of mistakes and a lot of money. Bravo! Well done. Maybe we all could have done the job. But we haven't - so now we are envious, or what? Do we envy Bill Gates too, because he was (and is) intelligent and successful. Should'nt we insult Microsoft, too, because they are making mistakes? Or should we better be grateful for what they have already created?

If you invest money you must live with the risk, otherwise you'd better not invest.

The CORE has tried to create accompished facts by pre-registring domain-names that still do not exist. That's clever, too and now almost all the people who pre-registered with them will "go on the barricades" for them.

But will this make the Internet a better place?

I personally think that this might just create another monopole in the internet. There will always be monopoles in this world or at least powerful people and industries. Therefore - against my personal profit - I am convinced of the fact, that there must be some influence of political non-internet-involved people. Now it is the U.S. Government and they are very cautious about what they are doing.

I think that the next step should not unite the economical power with the political power within the internet - one of my main concern towards the CORE.

But in my eyes what the U.S. Government could and should try to do is to build up a congress of nations of the internet, maybe called CONI. Every country should be examined before being allowed to participate in that congress and nations who'd be excluded for some reasons (terrorism etc.) should be cut off the internet.

This could bring "PEACE" AND "WORLD" a little closer - and don't worry about the economy - it will develop, be it through the CORE or any other solution proposed by the U.S. Government.

Please do not hesitate to comment on my thoughts.

Best regards

Friedrich Kisters

P.S.: I think the comments of: Mark Johnstone <> to be very thoughtful.


From: "siteleader,inc" <>
To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date: 3/8/98 3:54pm



While the Senate publicly criticized Bill Gates and Microsoft as a
Monopoly, it endeavors to keep its own Domain Name Monopoly with its
subsidiary, NSI, Network Solutions and InterNic.

As we enter the next millenium, the ability of any one government to
control and rule the registration and workings of a global resource such as
the Internet, will be put to the wayside. In case you haven't noticed, the
Internet's ability to allow global exchange of communications and
information will not allow for control to be restrained by the U.S.
Commerce Dept./White House Already, the Germans, French, Spaniards,
Japanese, Canadians, are adamantly opposed to your reasoning and
conclusions set forth in your "Green Paper" aka, Discussion Draft.
Undoubtedly, the rest of the world will join to oppose total U.S. control
over the root servers, even if it is held by a non-profit U.S.incorporated
entity and not the U.S. Government directly.

The U.S. can not afford another global concensus to be brought against it
because it refuses to allow anyone other than its own NSI, Network
Solutions, InterNic, WorldNic

CORE's plan to allow the at present 88 world registrars, of which 25% are
U.S. based companies, is the best option.


The Domain Name Registration Service
Site Leader, Inc.