From: "Robert F. Connelly" <>
To: NTIA Green Paper Comments <>
Date: 3/15/98 5:33am
Subject: Comments on Green Paper

Please permit us to comment on how a little competition can make major changes in the administration of .com, .org and .net top level domains -- to the advantage of the Internet community.

Until now, NSI, like almost any monopoly (e.g. "Ma Bell"), has not been concerned with the convenience of their customer base. However, now that there is even a CHANCE of competition, NSI is suddenly are offering to accept registrations over the telephone or FAX.

Thus, the benefits of competition have already started to accrue to the Internet consuming public -- even before there is *any* competition in the administration of generic top level domains.

However, at the very same time, NSI has dropped the requirement that the registrant provide information on the DNS service which will be used with the new domain.

The practice of issuing second level domain names *without* DNS attribution will be very disruptive to the Internet and will take up important name space from the public trust. The Internet community certainly doesn't want to have large numbers of domains registered for which there is no DNS service.

NSI has contended that CORE will cause "instability" to the Internet. While independent authorities of the Internet contend that such as assertion is untrue, NSI's *own* plans will certainly introduce unacceptable instability. Though we all must recognize the importance of competition in administering domain names, unbridled competition such as this announced plan of NSI MUST be prevented.

Nor should speculators be permitted to misuse the public trust by making such registrations without DNS attribution.

The plans laid down for CORE Registrars will not permit them to introduce such "short cuts".

Sincerely submitted,
Robert F. Connelly
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From: Mark Goll <>
To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date: 3/15/98 3:33pm
Subject: ark

Dear Department of Commerce,

Having dealt with Network Solutions and their very poor service, I support
the IAHC proposal to open up the Internet addressing situation.

Mark Goll
19785 Marbach Lane
San Antonio, Texas
Phone 210 651 6558