From: Jay Fenello <>
To: Recipient list suppressed
Date: 3/28/98 8:14pm
Subject: Re: The IAHC has opened itself to the Internet Community

At 10:02 AM 3/27/98 -0800, Dave Crocker wrote:
>At 10:34 AM 3/27/98 -0500, Tony Rutkowski wrote:
>>The closed IAHC process was dominated by the a priori folks
>It would be interesting to see the basis for making such a sweeping
>assertion, especially since it is quite wrong.
>>so that the result was foregone. The NOI/NPRM process is
>>open and has engaged a broad diversity of players - although
>Well, let's see:
>Decisions for the US government process are being made by a few bureaucrats
>and politicians in the US government. All of the workings inside that
>process are entirely and complete closed to the rest of the world.
>Decisions for the gTLD MoU are made by a diverse set of people from roughly
>12 different, internationally divers, organizations, with direct
>participatory review by a large and equally diverse advisory body.
>Proposals for individual changes are now posted and comments solicited,
>before decisions are made.
>The US government staff has talked to many people. The gTLD MoU folks have
>talked with many people.
>The US government conducts no public "dialogue" to discuss and negotiate
>the details and revisions for their plan. The gTLD MoU has had continuous
>discussion for the entire 1 1/2 years of its existence, through sustained
>participation in many mailing lists.
>The US government plan is totally US centric. The gTLD MoU plan is fully
>Since Tony is a strong proponent of the USG's activity and strongly
>negative about the gTLD MoU, I'm sure we would also be quite fascinated to
>see the basis for his continuing to repeat The Big Lie that the USG has
>been open and the gTLD MoU closed.
>ps. Since Tony can't be bothered with pursuing reasoned discussion,
>preferring instead to sustain the guerilla tactics of tossing out
>mis-statements and then diving back into the bushes, perhaps someone else
>can explain the basis for his rather strange (and erroneous) assessments?

The Green Paper process is being conducted by the
U.S. Government to get *out* of Internet governance.

The IAHC process was conducted by the IANA, ISOC,
ITU, and WIPO to get *into* Internet governance.

Seems like quite a difference to me ;-)


Jay Fenello
President, Iperdome, Inc.

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