From: Stuart Altschuler <>
To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date: 3/29/98 4:42pm
Subject: Internet Domain Names

I do not like what you are planning to do with the Domain Names. I have
taken the time and the opportunity to read much of the CORE proposal and
information from IAHC as well as numerous other articles relating to
what is happening on the internet. It's from this lens that I and feel
that what you are doing is not only limiting, but based on fear issues.

The internet is not "uniquely American"--the internet is global in scope
and demeanor. I encourage you to look into what is really fueling your
fear and thoughts that are to the effect of: "No one can do it better
than us." You are imposing your beliefs, which I doubt very much, are my
beliefs. Magaziner's beliefs about the "stability of the internet" I
believe are inaccurate and are slowing down the internet to the world's
population. I believe he is speaking on behalf of self-serving entities
who fear the "opening up" of the internet and how it might undermine
them in some way. But this is not the case.

The internet is for the people of all nations, of all countries. Please
do not let the insecurities of the powerful guide this wonderful medium
of information. We have let fear guide for too long.

So if you're going to allow this to be read, even after the deadline,
know that I vote for the CORE system to be implemented and that the
Europeans need to be recognized as equal partners with whom we can join
together to make a more prosperous internet for all concerned.

Thank you for your awareness,

Jim Michael,
(c/o Stuart Altschuler)


From: Patricia Sullivan <>
To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(dns)
Date: 3/29/98 1:00am
Subject: New top level domains

CORE should remain as the registar for the new TLD's. Why cause
beauracrcy and public expense where it is not needed?

I think CORE should not let some registars charge different prices for
"jumping their QUEUE; it should be uniform and chronological. Outside of
this, I agree with CORE rules.

James T. Sullivan


From: "MailForm" <>
To: "MailForm User" <>
Date: 3/29/98 12:00am
Subject: Mailform Data

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Date posted: 03/29/98 00:00:53

RE: Comments on the Green Paper (Technical Management of Internet Names and Addresses)

NOTICE: The following is an automated response via

YES: I support and endorse CORE's 12-Point Action Plan in response to the Green Paper

NAME: John P. McGrath
ORGANIZATION: Software Consulting Services

1. Immediately recognize IANA as the ultimate authority over the Root; allow it to continue operating as it has historically with no involvement of the U.S. Government and to evolve to a not-for-profit corporation with global consensus and without government hindrance

2. Create a board of directors for IANA from the world Internet community, based on the open, consensus-building process and standards promulgated by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Internet Architectural Board (IAB), Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) and the Internet Society (ISOC)

3. Fund the new corporation through fees from domain name registries, regional registries, registrars and other mechanisms approved by its board

4. For future administration and marketing of the Domain Name System (DNS), create a two-tiered structure: non-profit Registries for the administering of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) and country codes; and Registrars, either for-profit or not-for-profit, which will provide registration services to registrants worldwide in a competitive environment

5. Through the IANA board of directors, use the Internet Standards Process as outlined in RFC 2026 to establish technical and other standards for Registries based on the goals of: technical excellence; prior implementation and testing; clear, concise and easily understood documentation; openness and fairness; timeliness; and ethical standards as outlined in the gTLD Memo of Understanding (

6. Use the Memo of Understanding as the foundation for ethical standards to be agreed to by all Registries and Registrars; encourage comment and maintain an open process for its ongoing evolution and improvement

7. Based on approval by IANA, immediately add seven new gTLDs to the root and administer registration through the Shared Registry System (SRS) developed by the non-profit CORE Registry and already passed through acceptance testing; add more gTLDs as approved by IANA

8. To encourage stability, efficiencies, economies of scale and common standards among registries, CORE can provide Registry services to other gTLD Registries [AAA: delete this] and country codes; CORE will also make its SRS software available to any other non-profit organizations approved by IANA as a Registry for gTLDs

9. The U.S. Government should end the Network Solutions, Inc., monopoly on March 31, 1998, and open a public process for determining how Registry services will be administered for the gTLDs of .com, .org and .net without offering further monopoly protection or favored treatment to NSI.

10. Immediately convert NSI registry services to not-for-profit status; require that NSI open its SRS to all registrants on a cost recovery basis and operate within the same standards as all other registries; and require that NSI immediately hand over the authoritative root database and all coordination of the root server network to the control of IANA

11. Indemnify IANA against legal challenges

12. Ensure ongoing review and continuous evolution of all critical functions related to the Domain Name System through an open, public process carried out with international participation