From: Jay Fenello <>
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Date: 4/10/98 11:04am
Subject: Re: How many angels ...

At 04:16 PM 4/9/98 -0400, John Charles Broomfield wrote:
>Right now people seem to say that there are many different roots:
>IANA, eDNS, AlterNIC, GRS, AURSC, uDNS(is this last one still running?).

GRS is not a traditional root server.

>If you don't count IANA, my contention is that the others are basically the
>SAME root. It's true that there are various groups of root servers, but the
>fact that all of them respect integrally the creation and delegation of the
>others means that it is ONE root zone.

While the remaining root servers are coordinated through
rough consensus to prevent collisions, they are certainly
not ONE root zone.

To determine this for yourself, simply compare the TLDs
available under eDNS (very few) with the TLDs available
under AURSC or the Alternic (very many).

Understanding this concept is required to understand
why some people are suggesting that Europe create its own
root servers, complete with their own listing requirements,
trademark policies, and administrative processes.

As long as all of the world's root servers coordinate
to prevent collisions, the Internet will not fracture.
There will be certain TLDs that remain visible world-
wide, while others will be visible through a subset
of the various root servers.

Personally, I think the US Green Paper process will garner
the required consensus, and is the best solution available.

However, if certain forces insist on implementing their
plan at the expense of a single unified root, a European
Root Confederation is a good plan B.


Jay Fenello
President, Iperdome, Inc.

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