From: "Roeland M.J. Meyer" <>
To: Jay Fenello <>
Date: 4/23/98 5:07pm
Subject: Re: Iperdome's ex parte Summary

At 13:10 4/23/98 -0400, Jay Fenello wrote:
>Yesterday, I spoke to Ira Magaziner on an ex parte
>phone call about the current Green Paper process.
>I have used my notes of our conversation to complete
>this ex parte summary for posting at the NTIA site:

Thank you heartily for going thorough the trouble of doing this.


>Ira responded with the following:
> - this is an ex parte phone call, and that I
> should take notes for posting at the NTIA site.
> - they are still on track for issuing a ruling,
> probably within the next two weeks.
>He also indicated that, after reading the multiple
>submissions, they found consensus in most areas except:
> - registry status (profit vs. non-profit)
> - new TLD selection and entry

It is as I was afraid would happen. They are already starting the "managing
expectations" game. We MAY NOT get a TLD coordinator out off the GP folks.

>The rest of the conversation was to discuss Iperdome's
>position as detailed below . . .
>Profit vs. Non-Profit Registries
>In addition to all of the typical arguements used to
>support FOR-Profit registries:
> - Better service and pricing for Netizens
> - Non-profit status doesn't eliminate price inflation
> - Non-profit status makes it hard to raise money
> to meet the strict infrastructure requirements.
>I also suggested that it becomes much harder to recruit
>and retain qualified technical people without stock options.
>I used ARIN's current struggles as an example.

We've always been pretty much neutral as regards profit/non-profit status
of registries. After carefull deliberation and discussions (read:
"screaming/shouting/throwing things around" <grin>) MHSC has decided that
it is much to nebulous to decide in any discussion. If the TLD space were
open, without limit, then there is plenty of room to try both. Those TLDs
that fail will be absorbed by those that don't.

>New TLD Selection and Entry
>Without action to select and enter new TLDs, this
>would likely postpone new TLDs until *after* the new,
>non-profit was organized and operational.

I think that they don't have the schmaltz. This is their last opportunity
to retain some level of control/co-ordination. If they don't take it now
then the market will do it anyway. We ALL know how difficult it is to
round-up a herd once they've been out of the corral.

>Iperdome suggested that this would benefit the current
>monopoly situation, and would be unfair to *all* of the
>new registries (free market, CORE, etc.).


>We then discussed the possibility of further actions of
>the Justice Department for the past activities that have
>resulted in the current situation, including the business
>failure of many new registries waiting to compete in this
>new industry.
>Finally, I reiterated that *should* this decision be
>postponed, it was extremely important that representation
>for the board of the new, non-profit be structured to
>prevent the current technocracy from assuming control
>of the new organization.

I'm not sure that he could DO anything about that.

[snip ... for later ... after it's digested ]

>We concluded with a discussion of another Iperdome posting
>titled "U.S. Goals, Global Values". Specifically, that the U.S.
>Government has to break the existing cartel's control over the
>Internet now. At the same time, it must have a consensus for
>the Ruling and Order to work. Without consensus, one of the
>other options would be the likely result.
>I thanked Mr. Magaziner for his time, and expressed my
>appreciation for the very difficult process he had

Yeah, but he's bailing out of the REALLY tough stuff.
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