From: Karl Denninger <>
Date: 5/6/98 3:37pm
Subject: Ex-Parte comments for the record - teleconference

5/6/1998 12:40 PM

Present on teleconference: Karl Denninger, Jay Fenello, Ira Magaziner

The conference was requested by myself, with Mr. Fenello as a neutral
observer and interested party.

We discussed the role of ARIN as a public trustee over the essential
resource of IPv4 addresses and ARIN's recent activities, including
conversations held via email on multiple mailing lists, of which Ira
was already aware. I expressed the opinion that ARIN, while organized
as a 501c(6) organization, should operate as a trustee of the public
resource over which it has control, including full transparency of
operations to the public as well as its membership.

I also expressed my belief that the AC served the function of a check
and balance on the actions of the Trustees, in that the transparency
of the organization was maintained by their vigilence, and that it
was important that no restriction of that oversight, either by the
AC, ARIN members, or the general public take place.

Mr. Magaziner agreed with the public oversight and policy roles that
needed to be upheld within organizations charged with these functions,
and was supportive of the principles which were discussed. I was
impressed with the depth of knowledge and clarity which Ira displayed
during our discussion.

The teleconference concluded at approximately 11:55 PM Chicago time.

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