M e m o r a n d u m

Date: March 13, 1998
From: Karen Rose
For: Public File, Docket No. 980212036-8036-01
Subject: Meeting with Gurrin Goldsmith, James Ackermann and Hsiaosu Hsuing of Mitretek Systems.

On March 11, 1998, Mr. Guerin Goldsmith, Lead Engineer - Telecommunications and Networking, Mr. James Ackermann, Department Head - Telecommunications and Networking, and Mr. Hsiaosu Hsuing, Senior Principal Engineer - Telecommunications and Networking of Mitretek Systems met with Karen Rose, Office of International Affairs, NTIA, regarding Internet domain name issues.

The Mitretek representatives delivered a presentation that described characteristics of their corporation, the corporation's understanding of the structure and functions of the not-for-profit described in the DNS proposed rule, and areas in which they believe Mitretek could assist in the establishment or operation of the new not-for-profit. Mr. Ackermann indicated that in their formal comments, Mitretek would present a more extensive proposal for implementing the transition of DNS functions to the private sector. Mr. Ackermann, Mr. Goldsmith, and Mr. Hsuing were thanked for their time and presentation and told that we look forward to reading Mitretek's comments on the RFC.

A copy of the Mitretek presentation given on March 11 is appended to this memorandum for submission to the public record.