Mr. Philbert July #301566
225 West Madison Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Mr. Ira Magaziner
Senior White House Advisor:Internet Affairs
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20016

February 20, 1998

Mr. Magaziner,

Your recent proposal to add six new suffixes to Internet addressing will indeed expand Internet capacity.

The current and specific problem is Network Solutions Inc's inability to protect the trademark rights of trademark owners.

I have a legal as well as economical solution to this problem. It does not have to get worse, nor does it have to take a couple years to resolve!

Since Network Solutions Inc. holds the contract to assign addresses to companies seeking location on the Internet, then they (Network Solutions) must also assume the accountability inherent with the job.

One of these responsibilities is to insure that all federal laws and requirements are upheld and met. Just like patents and copyrights, trademarks are protected against infringement and Network Solutions Inc. has no authority to relax this liability of their duties.

Even though my interest is purely personal financial gain, that the risk of not being compensated is present by my actions, I am revealing my solution to this problem to you, and I pray interested and benefitting parties consider the source of any agreed upon resolution!

Solution: Network Solutions Inc. must program an address assigning system with a search mode that will reject any address request that under current trademark law would not permit a trademark to issue under the requested assignment.

According to my information there are three main players responsible for resolving this matter: 1) yourself, 2) Network Solutions Inc, and 3) Mark Hellmann of Holleb & Coff, a Chicago based law firm.

Mr. Magaziner, whoever owns the address assignment system owns the Internet!! I personally see no need to let Network Solutions Inc own a system they have not had the foresight to develop, but then I am not aware of your and their (Network Solutions) relationship and frankly its none of my concern! I only want compensation for my contribution, without which much time and money would needlessly spent fighting over already owned property.

If when you see Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit tell him I send him my support and best wishes!

Truely Yours,
Philbert July