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Bill McCampbell

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Ira Magaziner, Presidential Adviser
The White House-West Wing
Second Floor
Washington, DC 205002

February 5, 1998

Subject: Internet IP Address Monopoly

Dear Mr. Magaziner,


The purpose of this letter is to request a response to the question in Paragraph II below.

We believe that Internet IP Address registration as distinguished from Domain Name registration is being monopolized by a single non-profit corporation (ARIN). We further believe that IP Address registration should be modeled after your proposal for Internet Domain Name Registration ( ie a government established non-profit corporation to oversee competing entities registering Domain Names-Addresses).

The duty to register "IP Addresses" was developed with taxpayer funding and ARIN should not be entitled to a taxpayer funded monopoly.


Please answer the question: Should not Internet IP Address Registration be done by a government established non-profit corporation (which oversees competing entities which register Internet IP Addresses), such as in the model you have proposed for registration of Internet Domain Names?

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Bill McCampbell