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Karen Rose
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DOC. GOV) and
Date: March 23, 1998
Subject: Request for Pub-
lic comments due
3/23/98 re Domain
Names & IP Addresses

Dear Ms. Rose,

It was a pleasure speaking with you last week.


The purpose of this letter is to provide comments to the request for
comments due 3/23/98.

I am a Washington, DC lawyer and business consultant. In this case, I am
acting as an consultant for a Silicon Valley Internet Service Provider

Our client's concern relates solely to the future of IP Address
allocation and administration and not to domain names.

Our objectives are (l) that no one private group such as ARIN be allowed
to monopolize the allocation and administration of IP addresses and (2) that
smaller ISP's could seek IP addresses from several competing entities.


(1) We would appreciate an acknowledgement of our comments.

(2) We would like to know specifically how the White House and the DOC
propose to address these concerns:

(a) Will one group be allowed to monopolize the administration and
allocation of IP addresses? We do not want a group like ARIN to monopolize the
administration and allocation of IP addresses. A non-profit organization
established under government oversight which delegates the ability to assign
and administer numbers to 3 or more competing entities is acceptable.

(b) Will the non-profit entity be truly open to election of
representatives from the full internet community? Internet users, taxpayers,
small business and small business internet service providers should be able to
be represented. ARIN is exclusive and non-representative.

Thank you, and please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any
questions or comments.


William A. McCampbell