From: "j m" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:30 AM

How the internet should be run? Really the answer is very simple I personally think since the U.S. is running the internet right now I think we should continue to do so simply because we are doing well. Of course I believe there should be some sort of open forum for other countries to talk about the internet with the U.S. and give ideas but mainly we should control it. One thing we should also do is more things like this. Every decision about the internet should be decided by the people not a random group of old people that have no idea what the internet is about cause hey that how net neutrality is taken away. This country was founded on the ability to choose and since we have lost that slowly over the years along with NET NEUTRALITY i think the public should have a say. I think that the organization that runs the Net should also run regulations of the Net. Like stopping companies from trying to create laws against net neutrality. Also of course enforce promises of companies also like for example tax cuts for ISP to produce fiber to the curb by 2007. But of course this is all wish full thinking but maybe just maybe there is some sort of hope that maybe the general public will have a say in this at all and maybe the general public could own there own property also but then again we rent it at the price of tax. Hmmm... If basic liberties like that are taken way that simply i only wonder what the future of the internet will be

Net Neutrality- Making people pay more for internet speeds that they already paid for and being censored by your isp of which sites to go to.