From: Stephen Mahoney <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 2:15 AM
Subject: Governing the Internet

I just wanted to voice my opinion on how the government should govern the Internet. The Internet is an international place, so it is hard to govern. This is why I think the government should not and cannot govern the Internet except by:
*Monitoring traffic from countries who are not allies with the US or in dispute with the US
*Continue to crack down on illegal practices in the US committed by US Citizens by allowing for a way for people to report cyber-crimes online. This includes purchasing goods illegal in the persons area, cracking down on child pornography, etc.
*Monitoring web hosts to make sure that content and traffic is kept legal.
*Preventing the ability to access foreign sites which promote illegal services, goods, or propaganda.
*Implement a traffic monitoring system for ISPs which can detect anomalies which may detect any of the above mentioned problems.

Thank you for allowing input from US citizens.
Stephen Mahoney