From: "Anton Fletcher" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 2:49 AM
Subject: Request for Comment

To those it may concern;

In regards to how the Internet should be run - several points need to be remembered.

The Internet's power and versatility comes from the fact that it is open to everyone, and everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and have their say; Looking from the outside, at what is happening to the Internet in the US shows reason why alternative networks are already being established.

The obsession with clamping down what is available on the Internet is a waste of time, and tax payers money, the underground will remain many steps ahead of you and the only positive effect you are having is prompting them to develop new, more secure, and anonymous technologies. Parenting should not be mandated by the government, especially not on the Internet where it effects the whole world.

A positive move would be the accepting of standards on the net; For years there has been a body regulating how HTML should work (W3C) and large companies like Microsoft do not adhere to these standards, costing web development firms thousands in extra development costs.

Before you break the Internet for everyone, try a positive move, and fix it first.

Sincerely, Anton

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