From: John Draper <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 4:54 PM
Subject: ICANN replacement

To whom it may concern,

I think ICANN needs to also focus on an effort to get the registrars in line with
a policy that prevents spammers from putting in false and misleading information
in their application for domain names, and ICANN should have more teeth in
enforcing the registrars to start updating their databases with accurate information.

Right now, it's a Zoo out there. There are so many shady and spam friendly
registrars who just do NOT act or enforce their Acceptable Use policies by
requiring ALL new domain registrants to put in real and contactable contact
information and those that put false and misleading information to the registrars
for the puspose of hiding from the authorities and other anti-spam organizations,
as well as the FTC.

My biggest complaint is the lack of real usable "whois" information, which is
maintained by the specific registrar. I believe that ICANN should be allowed to
revoke a registrar's license if they don't cooperate and force them to either
shut down the domain, or force their domain registrants to update their whois data.

In a recent survey I performed on about 50 spammer's web sites, has revealed
a whopping 85% of those domain owner's "whois" information to be totally unreachable,
either because the mail bounces, or the phone numbers no longer work.

It is also important to note that most spammers would register a domain, but keep it
inactive until they are ready to use it, but just before they use it, they contact the
registrar to "update" their whois from a working one to a false and bogus one. Usually
registrars would let this happen because they don't want to spend the manpower
to check on new changes.

I remain
A spam fighter...