From: "Christine Arida" <>
To: <>
Date: Thu, Jul 6, 2006 9:15 AM
Subject: Comments on DNS Transition, Docket No. 060519136-6136-01

The Internet was developed and promoted by the industry with its
technical pioneers. Its value was created by the participation and
cooperation of users all over the world. The Internet should continue
to develop freely.

No single Government should have a pre-eminent role in Internet
governance, rather an international mechanism for coordination should be
adopted especially as related to public policy issues.

ICANN has so far performed a creditable job in managing domain names and
IP addresses as well as coordinating among root server operators. ICANN
should maintain its focus on those functions necessary for the security
and stability of the Internet.

While a stronger involvement of the international community is still
needed, the progress done by ICANN to involve all stakeholders and to
achieve greater efficiency is highly welcomed.

ICANN should continue its efforts to establish an independent
internationalized foundation, based on public-private partnership,
rooted in the private sector and actively interacting with governments.

Christine Arida
National Telecom Regulatory Authority