From: Peter Bennett <>
To: <>
Date: Fri, Jul 7, 2006 2:10 AM
Subject: Ineffective DNS Regulation.

I made comments when ICANN was form based on discusions with Vinton Cerf
via email.

Vinton's position did not sit well with me.

My comments at the time are still the same.

Valid whois information must be enforced by ICANN.

I had many email chats with the likes of Vinton Cerf and Dan Halloran
about the subject and also urged the Senate Judiacal Committee to do
something about the current situation.

Nothing has changed.
It still takes so much time to have a domain name closed for internet
abuse that those responsible for the abuse are just thumbing there noses
at the system and laughing all the way to the bank.

I am a radio ham operator I would like control handed to the ITU.
Thats where it has always belonged.

The US and MCI are the biggest abuses of the current.

I find quite ironic that a man who helped found MCI has had
so much influence at ICANN.

Now here in New Zealand those of us that care have to deal with
US spammer moving here such as Brendan Battles.

I don't want him here in NZ.
We do not have a spam problem just a problem with oversees spammers
the majority from the US. It only took a few months for him to come
to the attention of NZ anti spam activists and to lose his first job
for his activities.