Date: 5/14/2008 12:53 PM
Subject: Information re: the coupon

I am a Social Worker in the independent living portion of a retirement/nursing facility. We have several residents that will be in need of the converter box that cannot afford to update their televisions. What precludes your agency from sending a form to verify the residency of all individuals in a facility such as the one I work for? There is only a need for the staff to verify who in fact has the type of t.v. that requires the box and then submit that information to your agency at one time. Name, address and DOB should be enough information especially if it is Administrative staff verifying the info is true and accurate under penalty of the law. There is no need for the elderly to submit their social security numbers to receive a coupon. Too many people have access to that information as it stands and it violates privacy. This is just my suggestion for your commission to look at. Sometimes keeping it simple is the correct approach. It is not as if these fine folks are submitting an application for Life Insurance or opening a bank account. Let's help them instead of hindering them.


Tiffany Smith