From: Foster B Lewis
Date: 5/16/2008 4:47 PM
Subject: 47 CFR Part 301 comment on amendment

47 CFR Part 301
[Docket Number: 080324461--8462--01]
RIN 0660-AA17
The Household Eligibility and Application Process of the Coupon Program for Individuals Residing in Nursing Homes and Households that Utilize Post Office Boxes; Waiver

In favor of waiver as suggested in Fed Reg.

The online application was misleading because it specifically asked for an alternate (including PO Box) address if you certify that no mail is delivered to your home address (which I gave). (NO mail has ever been delivered to my home address for 50 years because I have no mailbox at the road. Have never used anything but a post office box. From the people I recognize at the post office boxes, I'm not at all alone. )

"If the US Post Office *does not deliver mail to your Home Address*, provide as much information as you can regarding your Home Address and *provide your Mailing Address below.*
HOME ADDRESS Street Address - or - *P.O. Box #* "

Sounded like delivery instructions for any other item I've ever ordered.

Reading the above I never dreamed it would deny the many thousands of rural residents who choose to pay to receive mail only at the post office for sensible and legitimate security reasons, especially in these times of identity theft.

We have three old TVs but only rabbit ears so have to buy a box to use ANY of them. Don't have cable for financial reasons. Only have email because at home job demands it. Two coupons would really help.

Our coupons have been issued, mailed, and returned to sender. If this is amended they may expire before they can be sent back. If amended please make provisions for a new issue date for those who have been returned because of post office box. Don't understand the reason or need for such a short expiration period in the first place. What is the rush?

Foster B Lewis
POB 613
Zebulon, NC 27597

Confirmation from website:

Coupon Reference Number: 1599916
Name: Foster B Lewis
Home Address: 503 Worth Hinton Rd
Zebulon, NC, 27597-2114
Mailing Address: PO Box 613
Zebulon, NC, 27597-0613
Number of Coupons Requested: 2
Statement Selection: Antenna
Date Submitted: 01/10/2008

Coupon Status Found
Your application has been approved. Based on your application approval date of 01/10/2008, your coupon(s) are/were scheduled to mail on 03/28/2008. *Note that coupons do not expire until 90 days after they have been mailed.