Assembling Your PTFP Application

You must submit an original and five copies of the complete application. Please assemble each copy according to the instructions here. Doing so greatly assists the reviewers who evaluate your application.


         Put one copy of the application in a six-panel folder arranged as explained below; please do NOT put the original in this folder!

                      PTFP will send you a free six-panel folder on request. Call 202-482-5802, fax 202-482-2156, or email PTFP must have your request at least two weeks before the Closing Date to be sure of delivery in time for you to meet the Closing Date.

                      If you want to supply your own six-panel folder, please use an ACCO #ACC-15036, Oxford ESS-920025RCP2, or equivalent.


          Put the signed original and the four remaining copies in separate manila file folders labeled with your organization’s name and secured with binder clips.


          The manila folder with the original copy should be labeled “ORIGINAL” on the outside.

                      This copy must have original signatures on the third page of Application Form (1b), the Assurances (SF-424B), and the CD-511 certification of lobbying activity. Also Form LLL, if required.


          Major sections of each copy of the application should be separated by divider sheets with labeled index tabs that protrude from the edge of the sheet. (Please use labels that won’t fall out!) The outline below marks each labeled index tab with an asterisk (*) and lists the material you should place behind that divider.

                      The folders provided by PTFP have six panels, and each panel has a metal clip at the top. Please arrange the Application Form and other materials on the panels as follows:


Panel 1      Please leave blank for PTFP use.


Panel 2      *Application for Federal Assistance — Standard Form 424, the PTFP-2 Form, the SF 424A, and the PTFP-4 Form.

                  *Program Narrative

                  *Exhibit A       PTFP-5 Form (p. 5) — Inventory for construction applications

                  *Exhibit B        Equipment Justification for construction applications

                  *Exhibit C        5-Year Equipment Plan for construction applications

                  *Exhibit D       Coverage Maps (if required)


Panel 3      Please leave blank for PTFP use.


Panel 4      *Exhibit E        Letters of Support or Project Participation, if required

                  *Exhibit F        Distribution Agreements, if required

                  *Exhibit G       Eligibility documentation, if required

*Exhibit H - Z — Optional material (include a table of contents if there is more than one optional exhibit)


Panel 5      *Exhibit AA     Assurances and Lobbying (SF-424B, CD-511, plus Form LLL if required)


Panel 6      *FCC documents — Applications, Construction Permits, etc., as required. If you have FCC documents for more than one station, etc., please insert tabbed dividers appropriately labeled between them. If your FCC-related materials are more than 1" thick and do not fit the sixth panel comfortably, place all of the FCC-related material in a separate folder, suitably labeled, and place a sheet on Panel 6 directing reviewers to the separate folder.