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A note about station call letters

Information for each state map is taken directly from the FCC’s database and each station is identified by its official call letters.  The official call letters for many stations contain four characters (e.g., KXCI) while the call letters for other stations include four characters along with the suffix FM or AM.  The computer software used to generate the maps deleted the hyphen preceding the suffix in the call letters so they are displayed as one unit (e.g., KUATFM).   Occasionally, the call letters end with C or LC, to indicate that the station is operating under a construction permit.

To increase the legibility of the station lists and the accompanying narratives, most radio stations are identified only by their main call letters, such as WBHM.  When a licensee operates several stations sharing the same call letters, the narrative will add (FM), (AM) or (TV) after the call letters when necessary to clearly identify the station under discussion.

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