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  State population (2000 census)
  Population receiving a FM public radio signal
  (from both in and out-of-state stations)
  Population in uncovered areas
  Stations in State FM stations
    FM translators
    AM stations
  1989 PTFP Study: Population receiving a
    FM public radio signal

Broadcast Coverage Maps

FM Stations - Detail         FM Stations - Printable

Public Radio Stations in State

Main stations in bold followed by associated repeaters and translators
Translators are shown at the end of the narrative
Facilities in italics operated by out‑of‑state broadcasters
Location in ( ) - actual location of transmitting facilities
N - New facility since 1989 study     # - Station now meets study criteria

FM Stations
Ft. Washakie    KUWJ N
Gillette    KUWN N
Laramie    KUWX N
Afton    KUWP N
Buffalo    KUWZ N
Rock Springs
Casper    KSUW N
Douglas    KUWD N
Gillette    KUWT N

AM Stations


1 Operated by KEMC, Billings, MT.

General Comments

Like many states in the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming has a widely dispersed, low‑density population and a limited number of large metropolitan areas.  Half of the land in the state is managed by the Federal Government.  Public radio is provided primarily by two networks -- KUWR Laramie operates an extensive network of stations and translators throughout the state, and KEMC Billings, Montana, serves northern sections of the state through a translator network.  These networks provide public radio service to most of the major communities in the state.  Service is also available from a station licensed to a Native American business group at the Wind River Reservation as well as through translators from several other out‑of‑state public broadcasters.  Several communities receive multiple program services.  

FM Service

Since the 1989 PTFP study, Wyoming public broadcasters have taken huge strides to extend public radio service to the residents of Wyoming.  The 1989 report included only two stations and eight translators.  Currently 16 stations and 22 translators met criteria for inclusion in the coverage study.  KUWR Laramie is the principal in‑state public broadcaster operating 14 FM stations and seven translators.  Thirteen are repeater stations and have been built since the 1989 study.  KEMC Billings, Montana, built a new station in Gillette and also operates nine translators in the northern portion of the state.

The percentage of Wyoming's population who can receive a public radio signal increased from 47% in 1989 to 90.8% currently.  The number of unserved residents decreased from 247,000 in 1989 to 45,536.  Though there are still wide areas of the state without public radio service, all the major population and commercial centers have access to at least one quality public radio signal.    

AM Service  


Service from Adjacent States

As noted, KEMC Montana operates a station and nine translators in the northern part of Wyoming.  Additional translators are operated by public broadcasters from Idaho, Utah and Colorado.

Unserved Areas

Unserved areas in Wyoming are vast rural expanses with a sparse population scattered over a large area. Though there are wide areas of the state without service, several construction projects are near completion and will cover significant areas of the state that are currently unserved. 

Region A

Park and Teton counties contain Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  These counties contain 3,152 people who cannot receive public radio.

Region B

Three thousand residents of Campbell, Johnson and Sheridan counties are without public radio service.  KUWR has a translator application pending for a new facility in Worland, Washakie County, in north central Wyoming.    

Region C

Only 3% of the residents of Niobrara County in eastern Wyoming receive a quality public radio signal.  Almost 2,500 people in the county cannot receive public radio.  Also in this region, an enhancement of the antenna installation for station KDUW Douglas will improve coverage in Converse and Platte counties, particularly along I‑25. Also in Platte County, private parties with translator construction permits at Wheatland in Platte County are likely to enter into agreements to translate KUWR's service which would enhance its service in this area.  

KUWR also has a translator application pending for an upgrade of its facility in Torrington, Goshen County, along the Nebraska border.  Currently 3,500 in the county cannot receive public radio.    

Region D

Lincoln County, along Wyoming's western border, contains 6,000 people without public radio service.

Region E

A project being completed in 2004 at KUWZ Rock Springs is raising the antenna elevation by more than 1,000 feet.  The installation of non‑directional antenna at K206AJ Sinclair will improve coverage in Carbon County.  These projects when completed will improve public radio coverage along the entire I‑80 highway corridor across southern Wyoming.

Translators listed by operating station
Facilities in italics operated by out‑of‑state broadcasters

KUVO Denver, CO K203BI N 88.5 Worland
K285BC1 N 104.9 Laramie K218CA4 N 91.5 Wright
KBYI Rexburg, ID  KUER Salt Lake City, UT
K285DF N 104.9 Afton K220CM5 N 91.9 Lyman
K280EG N 103.9 Freedom KUWR Laramie, WY
K285CY N 104.9 Jackson K217BP N       91.3 Dubois
KEMC Billings, MT  K228AB6 N 93.5 Evanston
K220DK N 91.9 Buffalo K252AI6 N 98.3 Evanston
K203AH N 88.5 Cody K220GP N 91.9 Lander
K216BH N 91.1 Greybull K296BO1 N 107.1 Laramie
K285AF2 N 104.9 Mammoth Hot Springs K215AY7 N 90.9 Riverton
K210AM N 89.9 Sheridan K206AJ N 89.1 Sinclair
K285CE N 104.9 Sheridan K210AF8 N 89.9 Torrington
K205BO3 N 88.9 Thermopolis

1 Licensed to Laramie Plains Antenna TV Assoc. Inc., Laramie, WY. Operated by KUVO, Denver, CO, or KUWR,   Laramie, WY.
2 Licensed to Mammoth Community TV & Association, Mammoth Hot Springs, WY. Operated by KEMC, Billings, MT.
3 Licensed to Hot Springs County Public Radio, Thermopolis, WY. Operated by KEMC, Billings, MT.
4 Licensed to the Town of Wright, Wright, WY. Operated by KEMC, Billings, MT.
5 Licensed to Hickey Mountain Television Association, Lyman, WY. Operated by KUER, Salt Lake City, UT.
6 Licensed to Bear River Non-Profit Radio & TV, Evanston, WY. Operated by KUWR, Laramie, WY.
7 Licensed to Riverton Fremont TV Club Inc, Riverton, WY. Operated by KUWR, Laramie, WY.
8 Licensed to Goshen Public Radio Committee, Torrington, WY. Operated by KUWR, Laramie, WY.

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