Construction/Project Schedule

PTFP Online Reporting and Tracking System


            1.         Your Construction Schedule (or Project Schedule for Planning Grants) must be sufficiently detailed to allow NTIA to be sure that all necessary steps to complete the project are planned and scheduled within the grant award period. The Schedule helps you and PTFP track progress as the project goes forward.


A Construction Schedule should contain projected dates for submission of Quarterly Performance Reports as well as the following items:


                         *    When advertising for bids on major equipment items will begin.

                         *    The deadline for the receipt of bids.

                         *    When purchase orders/contracts for equipment will be issued.

                         *    When installation of equipment will begin.

                         *    When installation will be completed.

                         *    When testing of the grant equipment will begin.

                         *    When testing will be completed.

                         *    When all equipment authorized in the grant will be operational.

                         *    When you expect to submit requests for payment, with an estimate of the amount to be requested in each payment.

                         *    When documents will be submitted to NTIA/PTFP or NIST/GAMD if required by a Special Award Condition in the award document:

                         *    When the Close-Out will be submitted.

                         *    Any other important information affecting the speedy completion of the project.


            2.         Access the Construction/Project Schedule by clicking Construction Schedule on the left navigation bar from the Grant Detail page. The following page will appear.




            3.         Enter a new Milestone in the workarea (A), enter the scheduled completion date. Click the Add button at the right to add the milestone to the Construction Schedule. You can add a milestone at any time.


            4.         PORTS automatically enters several milestones based on your award. These may be standard milestones such as submission of the Construction Schedule (B on the example above) or Special Award Conditions for your project (C on the example). Your PORTS-generated schedule will include all reports required through the close out of your grant.


            5.         Revise a Milestone or indicate Completion at any time by clicking edit at the right to bring the milestone to the work area. Enter a Revised Date or the date the milestone as completed.


            6.         Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page only when you are ready to submit the schedule to PTFP. You will be asked to confirm whether you want to submit the schedule to PTFP.


            7.         Update the Construction Schedule before you submit a Quarterly Performance Report. The updated Construction Schedule will be included as part of your Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) submitted through PORTS.


You do not need to submit a separate Construction Schedule as part of your QPR.