PORTS Main Menu

PTFP Online Reporting and Tracking System


              1.           To enter PORTS after you are registered, enter your email address and password on the Login page.



              2.         Your personal PORTS Main Menu will open to display all of the PTFP grants linked within your account. This list will include Active projects within the grant award period as well as closed projects within the Ten Year Federal Interest Period.

Projects which are pending transfer to your account are shown in a Pending Grants area at the bottom of the page.


              3.            Click on a grant number to select a grant. You will advance to the Grant Detail page.


              4.           Click the left navigation bar on the Main Menu to

                                  Add more grants to your account

                                  Edit your personal profile

                                  Change your password, or

                                  Transfer a grant to another person in your organization who is registered with PORTS.



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