Quarterly Performance Reports

PTFP Online Reporting and Tracking System


Quarterly Performance Reports (sometimes called Quarterly Technical Reports) give you, PTFP, and the Grants Office (NIST) a way to follow your progress in completing your project. They are due within thirty days after the end of each calendar quarter, as follows:

For the Quarter Your Report is due
October 1 to December 31 no later than January 31
January 1 to March 31 no later than April 30
April 1 to June 30 no later than July 31
July 1 to September 30 no later than October 31

Begin by selecting “Performance Report” on the PORTS home page. (Note that you cannot do this before the first day of the month in which the report is due.)

Each Report has three parts, which must be completed in the following order: an updated Construction Schedule, an updated Equipment List, and a Performance Report Summary. The last step is to review what you have prepared and submit it.

1. Updating the Construction Schedule


   Begin by selecting “Performance Report” on the PORTS home page. (Note that you cannot do this before the first day of the month in which the report is due.)


   Check either the box “Use my most recently submitted Construction Schedule” or the link to make updates on the Construction Schedule already in the system.


       You should almost always click on the Update Construction Schedule link because three months will have passed and you should have updates to the schedule to show completed milestones or milestones with revised completion dates.


   When you click the Update Construction Schedule link, the milestones will appear with fields to enter either a Revised Date or a Completed Date. You can also enter new milestones if needed. The entries you make will be included in your Report when submitted.


   To update milestones, click the edit button at the end of the row and insert a revised date or a completed date. Click the update button after each entry.


       Note that pre-determined milestones (Quarterly Performance Reports, Financial Status Reports, Close-outs, etc.) cannot be revised; they can only be completed.


       Revised Close-out and end of Grant Award Period dates require an approved extension of the Grant Award Period and adding new milestones.


       Note also that once a Completed Date has been entered, it cannot be changed.


   To add new milestones, type the new milestone into the first box. The Original Date is automatically set for the current date; to change the date, either use the + or - buttons, or type the new date in the Original Date box.

       Once entered, click the “ADD” button.


   When you finish making entries on the Construction Schedule, click on the Performance Report link in the left-hand tool bar.


       Do NOT click the “Submit to PTFP” button unless you have been instructed to submit a Revised Construction Schedule.

2. Updating the Equipment List


   Your Equipment List should already be in PORTS:


   If no purchases have been made, click the box for “Use my most recently submitted Equipment List”.


   If equipment has been purchased, click the Update Equipment List link.


       Use the “Expand” button to open the items to make entries. You should complete as much of the purchases side of the list as possible for each purchase completed — the Actual Item (e.g., Speakers, Antenna, etc.), the Description (i.e., manufacturer and model number), the Quantity, and the Total Cost. Inventory and serial numbers can be entered now or later.


       When you finish making entries on the Equipment List, click on the Performance Report link in the left-hand tool bar


   Next, review the information you have entered and check both boxes (“Use my most recently submitted Construction Schedule” and “Use my most recently submitted Equipment List”). While dates won’t change, the changes you just entered will appear in the Report you are about to finish.


   The Date and Reporting Period should be changed only if you are filing a make-up report from an earlier quarter. Current date and reporting period will be pre-filled.

3. Performance Report Summary


   TEXT BOX. Here type (or cut-and-paste from another file) a summary of the activities of the reporting period. It does not have to be long, but it should give PTFP and the Grants Office a clear picture of what has been accomplished. Describe any problems that have arisen and the actions taken or planned to solve them.


    If no milestones have been completed, explain why, and also explain why the projected completion date for any milestone has been revised.


   If you want to attach additional information, click the “Yes” box; a standard file link will appear for you to enter your document.


   If you do not want to attach additional information, click the “No” box.

       Either the “Yes” or “No” box must be clicked to continue.


   When you are finished with the Text Box, click the “continue” button.

4. Review and Submit the Report


   Your report should now be complete and ready for a final review before you submit it.

   If any required entry is missing, a reminder will be generated to prompt you.


   If all required information has been entered, a “Confirmation Page” will appear. This page allows you to review your report.


   If everything is correct, choose the button “Click to Confirm this Report” to finalize it in PORTS and send it to your Program Officer.


       If you need to make corrections, you can use the back key to return to the page needing corrections.


       Clicking the button “Click to Cancel this Report” will delete what you have entered and you will need to start over.