Example Quarterly Performance Report submitted by grantee

Section A:  The Grant Recipient
Information about the Grant Recipient

Organization Name: County of Multnomah
Name of Primary Contact: Mr. Steven Bardi
Department/Division: Multnomah County Health Department
Address: 426 SW Stark Street, 2nd Floor
Portland, OR  97204-2347
NOTE:  Please contact your program officer if there are any changes in contact information above for your project.

Key Personnel

Name Project/Job Title Phone Fax Email
Mr. Tom Fronk Strategic Officer  503-988-3674  503-988-3676  tom.r.fronk@co.multnomah.or.us 
Mr. John Dougherty Evaluation Specialist  503-988-3663  503-988-5520  john.a.dougherty@co.multnomah.or.us 
Mr. Mike Stark Principal Investigator  503-731-4291  503-731-8602  mike.j.stark@state.or 
Ms. Debbi Patton Network Analyst  503-988-3749  503-988-5009  debbi.a.patton@co.multnomah.or.us 
Mr. Steven Bardi Project Director  503-988-4424  503-988-4464  steven.c.bardi@co.multnomah.or.us 
Mr. position vacant Technical Coordinator  503-988-4424  503-988-4464   
Mr. position vacant Health Educator  503-988-4424  503-988-4464   
Ms. Colleen Russell Medicaid Eligibility Screening Manager  503-988-3056  503-988-3015  colleen.m.russell@co.multnomah.or.us 
Ms. Jill Daniels SBHC Program Clinical Systems Manager  503-988-4424  503-988-4464  jill.a.daniels@co.multnomah.or.us 
Ms. Valerie Whittlesey SBHC Program Administrator  503-988-4424  503-988-4464  valerie.l.whittlesey@co.multnomah.or.us 
Ms. Consuelo Saragoza Neighborhood Health Division Director  503-988-3674  503-988-3676  consuelo.c.saragoza@co.multnomah.or.us 
Mr. Richard Swift Infrastructure & Facilities Manager  503-988-3674  503-988-3676  richard.f.swift@co.multnomah.or.us 
Mr. Tim Rowan Information Services Manager  503-988-3056  503-988-3015  tim.n.rowan@co.multnomah.or.us 

Section B:  Project Partners
Information about the Project Partners

  Partner Organization Name of Primary Contact Organization Type Address Info
(Show All)
  Portland Public Schools  Mr. R. Patrick Burk K-12 school or school system  Click Here
  Parkrose School District  Mr. Michael Taylor K-12 school or school system  Click Here
  David Douglas School District  Mr. Robert Chudek K-12 school or school system  Click Here
  Multnomah Education Service District  Ms. Barbara Neely Other education  Click Here
  Oregon Community Health Information Network  Mr. Michael Leahy Other nonprofit organization  Click Here
  Multnomah County Information Services Division  Ms. Debbi Patton County goverment agency  Click Here
  Outside In  Ms. Kathy Oliver Health Care Organizations  Click Here
  National Assembly on School-Based Health Care  Mr. John Schlitt Association  Click Here

Section C:  Project Subrecipients
Information about the Project Subrecipients

  Subrecipient Organization Name of Primary Contact Phone Address Info
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Section D:  Project Implementation
Implementation Schedule

  Description Anticipated Completion Date Revised Completion Date Completed Date
  Recruit and hire Technical Coordinator and Health Educator.   12 / 2001  4 / 2002   
  Hire Evaluation Specialist for project team  12 / 2001    12 / 2001 
  Setup fiscal tracking method in departmental accounting system.  12 / 2001    12 / 2001 
  Finalize the project evaluation plan.   1 / 2002  5 / 2002   
  Identified and secured departmental match funds for PCs and printers.  2 / 2002    3 / 2002 
  Plan and design layout of the WAN.   3 / 2002  6 / 2002   
  Collect and organize baseline client satisfaction data.   3 / 2002  5 / 2002   
  Determine if I-Net technology meets the connectivity requirements of the project.   3 / 2002  4 / 2002   
  Negotiate agreements for access to network equipment at school sites.   4 / 2002  6 / 2002   
  Initiate the website planning process.   4 / 2002     
  Purchase, install and test WAN equipment.   6 / 2002  7 / 2002   
n/a  Establish connention with AT&T Broadband Service.  7 / 2002     
  Initiate the web page design process.  7 / 2002     
  Initiate the collection and analysis of evaluation data.  7 / 2002     
  Activate the web page in two phases.   8 / 2002     
  Conduct an assessment of school-based staff to determine the extent and intensity of their training needs.   8 / 2002     
  Create and integrate databases associated with clinic operations into the practice management system.   2 / 2003     
  Assure project implementation.   9 / 2004     
  Convene “Student Empowerment Team."  9 / 2004     
  Convene "Project Advisory Team.”   9 / 2004     
  Coordinate activities with project partners and contractors.   9 / 2004     
  Near-term and long-term maintenance services are in place.  9 / 2004     
  Design and initiate an advertising and promotion campaign.   9 / 2004     
  Secure Webmaster for ongoing site maintenance.  9 / 2004     
  Secure on-going training and technical support for staff.  9 / 2004     
  Technical Coordinator and Health Educator serve as in-house experts for practice management system.  9 / 2004     
  Project Director and evaluator will attend the National Assembly of School-Based Health Centers to present project.   6 / 2005     


  Site Name City Equipment Installed Local Acceptance Fully Operational
new  Multnomah County Information Services Division  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Binnsmead Middle School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Cleveland High School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, George Middle School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Grant High School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Jefferson High School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Lane Middle School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Lincoln Park Elementary School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Madison High School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Marshall High School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Parkrose High School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Portsmouth Middle School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Roosevelt High School  Portland  No  No  No 


  School-Based Health Center, Whitaker-Lakeside Middle School  Portland  No  No  No 


Narrative description of any significant activities that were conducted or milestones that were achieved during the previous reporting period

  Two activities/milestones were achieved during this past quarter (January-March 2002). After establishing the fiscal tracking method and structure for the project budget (completed 12/2001) I moved forward to identify and secure our department’s matching funds to purchase the PCs and printers designated by the project proposal and required to implement the project. These funds have been shifted into the project account and are slated to be spent by the end of our fiscal year June 30th.

Currently I am working with our Network Services staff to identify the specifications of the equipment to ensure that it meets the performance level required to successfully implement all aspects of the project. I anticipate placing the order May 6th. The equipment and connectivity installation is currently projected to take place in July and August 2002 to avoid disruption of services when the clinics are open during the academic year. Our goal is to have this phase of the project completed prior to the return of clinic staff in early fall. We want to utilize the lag time between clinic start-up/reopening and student’s return to school to conduct staff training related to the new network and the increased applications that will result.

In last quarter’s report I discussed the delay in implementing the I-Net connectivity option we outlined in our original project proposal. Since then the project’s technical advisory team has reviewed all the information that AT&T provided and has determined that the I-Net does not meet the basic standards necessary to implement the project. In some ways this decision doesn’t seem like a milestone, which are generally thought of as a positive step. However, the determination has now been made to move forward with an alternative connectivity option.

As I mentioned in the last progress report, two alternative connectivity options were being evaluated, ERINE and T-1 lines. The advisory team’s decision is to install T-1 lines at each clinic location and tie them to the County Information Services Division’s (ISD) central hub. In many ways this is a better option than I-Net because the majority of County facilities have the same connectivity. Our current clinic connectivity is through each school district’s network, resulting in substandard performance. Once our program clinics utilize T-1 lines they will have the same performance levels, applications and network support that is now available at other County locations.

In section D1, I revised the completion dates for: planning and designing layout of the WAN, negotiating agreements for access to network equipment at school sites, and purchasing, installing and testing WAN equipment. All three of these activities are related to pursuing a different connectivity option than was originally proposed for the project.

Project expenditures during the last project period were for travel of grantee representatives at the Grant Recipient Orientation Workshop, indirect costs, and payroll for the Evaluation Specialist.


Section E:  Problems and Obstacles
Problems and obstacles that the project encountered during the previous reporting period

Partners/Stakeholders Comments
Planning/Administrative Comments
Technology Comments
Delays due to difficulties gaining line connections In my last quarterly report I outlined the difficulties we are having in relation to connectivity. During the most recent project period, the technical advisory team met to review the connectivity options that are available in our area and decided that the original option of implementing the I-Net is unsatisfactory for our project. The team in turn decided to pursue an alternative option of utilizing T-1 lines.
End User and Community Support Comments

Section F:  Project Changes
Changes or modifications that 1)occurred during the previous reporting period or 2) may need to be addressed in the coming months

Section G:  Outreach
Outreach activities during the previous reporting to publicize TOP-related activities to potential end-users or indirect beneficiaries

  Held a special event to kick-off/publicize project-related activities
  Discussed project-related activities at community meetings
  Presented on the project at technology fairs, job fairs, or other community events
  Prepared a brochure/flyer about the project
  Prepared a video about the project
  Developed a website about the project: 
  Prepared an article for a community newspaper/newletter about the project
  Prepared a television or radio commercial/spot about project-related activities
  Distributed information about project-related activities (e.g., handed out flyers at a special event, prepared a special mailing of brochures, placed inserts in utility bills)
  Was interviewed for a story (e.g., on television, in a local newspaper) about project-related activities
  Other (specify) -- Discussed project-related activities at several departmental meetings related to connectivity, practice management software, and staff training.

Additional Information about these outreach activities
  Many of the related meetings that I mentioned above concern the up-coming conversion/implementation of our department’s new practice management software Epic. The go-live date is January 15, 2003. The conversion will be rolled out over several weeks. The upgraded connectivity phase of our project allows the school-based clinics access to this state-of- the-art software. The combination of connectivity and the practice management software is the base for the project’s Youth Health Initiative website.

Number of information requests from other organizations looking to undertake a similar technology project

Any special outreach activities/events that are planned for the next reporting period
  During the next reporting period I will present an overview of the project and related initiatives currently being planned on a department-wide bases at our school-based program’s end-of-the year staff retreat.

Section H:  Other
Additional topics or areas not previously addressed

Section K:  Project Feedback
Recommendations on how the TOP program could improve (1) the quality and usefulness of its technical assistance or (2) the reporting process.

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