NTIA Spectrum Management Training Forum


The Spectrum Management Training Forum is an intermediate-level course designed to familiarize personnel in radio frequency spectrum management, presenting subject matter helpful to personnel new to spectrum management as well as experienced spectrum managers desiring to update their knowledge.

Participant Profile The forum is designed for people with technical and non-technical backgrounds such as attorneys, economists, communications specialists, engineers, clerks, technicians, computer specialists, or other personnel. The seminar may also benefit others who require a basic understanding of the spectrum management processes.

Description Unlike the Spectrum Management Seminar, the Spectrum Management Training Forum offers a more detailed discussion on specific spectrum managment issues. The Spectrum Management Training Forum maximizes the time for two-way communication between attendees and our staff, addressing each topic in as much depth as required. The forum may focus on several spectrum management topics such as: spectrum principles and characteristics; antenna and radio wave propagation principles; spectrum management of space services; microcomputer spectrum analysis model demonstration; NTIA frequency assignment processes and procedures; Spectrum XXI software overview; spectrum management presentations from selected Federal agencies; presentation on the latest spectrum management issues; and, solving spectrum management problems.

The forum provides the opportunity for participants to interface with senior officials of the NTIA Office of Spectrum Management and the leaders of the Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC).


Generally once a month at the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 14th St. and Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20230.

Registration and Eligibility

The class size is limited to 30 participants. NTIA employees and contractors are invited to attend. Admission is on a first-come basis.

For more information, contact

KaTrina Dandie-Wylie
(202) 482-0893
email: kdandie@ntia.doc.gov