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Spectrum Management

Many Federal agencies use radio frequency spectrum to perform vital operations. NTIA manages the Federal government's use of spectrum, ensuring that America's domestic and international spectrum needs are met while making efficient use of this limited resource. NTIA carries out this responsibility with assistance and advice from the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee and by:

  • establishing and issuing policy regarding allocations and regulations governing the Federal spectrum use;
  • developing plans for the peacetime and wartime use of the spectrum;
  • preparing for, participating in, and implementing the results of international radio conferences;
  • assigning frequencies;
  • maintaining spectrum use databases;
  • reviewing Federal agencies' new telecommunications systems and certifying that spectrum will be available;
  • providing the technical engineering expertise needed to perform specific spectrum resources assessments and automated computer capabilities needed to carry out these investigations;
  • participating in all aspects of the Federal government's communications related emergency readiness activities; and
  • participating in Federal government telecommunications and automated information systems security activities.

November 2003

October 2003
Federal Register Notice
Docket No. 031016259–3259–01]
FCC Filing
ET Docket No. 03-122, RM - 10371
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August 2003
FCC Filing
ET Docket No. 03-104

July 2003
FCC Filing
IB Dockets No. 01-185 and 02-364

May 2003
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April 2003
Federal Register Notice

February 2003
FCC Filing
WT Docket No. 02-353
FCC Filing
WT Docket No. 02-146, RM-10288


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