BTOP Project Information:

Below is information outlining each BTOP grant award. Awards will continue to be announced from the First Round application pool on a rolling basis in 2010. All files linked below are in PDF format.

Broadband Infrastructure Projects:
California: Expanding Broadband Access Across California - $3.3 million
Florida: Ubiquitous Middle Mile - $30.1 million
Florida: Expanding Broadband Access Across Florida - $2.1 million
Georgia: Columbia County Community Broadband Network - $13.5 million
Georgia: Expanding Broadband Access Across Georgia - $1.4 million
Georgia: North Georgia Network - $33.5 million
Guam: Next Generation Network - $8.0 million
Idaho: Central North Idaho Regional Broadband Network Expansion - $2.4 million
Illinois: DeKalb Advancement of Technology Authority Broadband- $11.9 million
Illinois: Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband - $22.5 million
Indiana: Broadband Access and Equity for Indiana Community Anchor Institutions - $14.3 million
Indiana: Indiana Middle Mile Fiber for Schools, Communities, and Anchor Institutions - $25.1 million
Kansas: Expanding Broadband Access Across Kansas - $998,000
Louisiana: Louisiana Broadband Alliance - $80,6 million
Maine: Three Ring Binder - $25.4 million
Massachusetts: OpenCape Corporation Middle Mile Project - $32 million
Michigan: Merit Network, Inc. (PDF 541 Kb) - $33,289,221
Navajo Nation: Navajo Nation Middle/Last Mile Project: Quality Broadband for the Navajo People - $32.2 million
New Mexico and Texas: ENMR-Plateau Middle Mile - $11.2 million
New York: ION Upstate New York Rural Broadband Initiative - $39.7 million
North Carolina: MCNC - $28,225,520
Ohio and Pennsylvania: Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania Fiber Ring Project - $6.1 million
Oregon: Oregon South Central Regional Fiber Consortium Lighting the Fiber Middle Mile Project - $8.3 million
Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Research and Education Network (PennREN) - $99.7 million
Pennsylvania: Enhancing Connectivity in Northern Pennsylvania - $28.8 million
Puerto Rico: Construction of Broadband Infrastructure for the Central East Region of Puerto Rico - $12.9 million
South Dakota: Project Connect South Dakota - $20.6 million
Tennessee: East Tennessee Middle Mile Fiber Broadband Project - $9.4 million
Tennessee: Expanding Broadband Access Across Tennessee - $1.3 million
Texas: Expanding Broadband Access Across Texas - $4.7 million
Utah: Utah Anchors: A Community Broadband Project - $13.4 million
Virginia: Mid-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative – Southern Virginia - $16.0 million
Virginia: Nelson County Virginia Broadband Project -$1.8 million
Virginia: Page County Broadband Project - $1.6 million
Virginia: Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc. - $5.5 million
Washington: Northwest Open Access Network (NoaNet) - $84.3 million
West Virginia: Hardy AnchorRing - $3.2 million
West Virginia: West Virginia Statewide Broadband Infrastructure Project - $126.3 million
Wisconsin: Metropolitan Unified Fiber Network - $5.1 million
Wisconsin: Wisconsin’s Education and Library Broadband Infrastructure Buildout - $22.9 million

Public Computer Center Projects:
Arizona: Arizona Public Computer Centers - $1.3 million
California: (Los Angeles) Los Angeles’ Computer Access Network - $7.5 million
California: Transforming Neighborhood Network Centers for Job Creation and Broadband Access - $1.2 million
Louisiana: AccessAmerica Video Remote Interpreting - $1.4 million
Louisiana: Louisiana Libraries Connecting People to Their Potential - $8.8 million
Massachusetts: Cambridge Housing Authority Community Computer Centers - $699,000
Massachusetts: (Boston) City of Boston Public Computing Centers - $1.9 million
Maryland: Coppin Heights-Rosemont Family Computer Center: Creating Jobs and Improving Education and Health - $932,000
Michigan: Michigan State University - $895,482
Minnesota: (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Broadband Access Project - $2.9 million
Multiple: Latino Microenterprise Tech Net - $3.7 million
Nevada: Access to Computer Technology and Instruction in Online Networking (ACTION) - $4.7 million
New Mexico: Santa Fe Civic Housing Authority Public Computer Labs - $176,000
New York: New York Computer Centers: Broadbandexpress@yourlibrary - $9.5 million
North Carolina: Mitchell County Virtual Learning and Communications Center - $239,000
North Carolina: Fayetteville State University/Fayetteville Metropolitan Housing Authority Computer Center - $1.0 million
Rhode Island: Beacon 2.0 Library Computer Center - $ 1.2 million
South Carolina: SC Reach for Success - $5.9 million
Washington: (Spokane) Spokane Broadband Technology Alliance - $1.3 million
West Virginia: One-Stop Public Computer Center Modernization - $1.9 million

Sustainable Broadband Adoption:
California: California Emerging Technology Fund - $7.3 million
California: CFY/LAUSD Family Broadband Engagement Program - $7.7 million
Florida: Miami-Dade County Public Schools-Get Connected-Go Global - $3.5 million
Illinois: SmartChicago Sustainable Broadband Adoption - $7.1 million
Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts–Lowell - $783,094
Minnesota: Minnesota Intelligent Rural Communities - $4.9 million
New Mexico: Fast-Forward New Mexico - $1.5 million
New York: NYC Connected Learning - $22.2 million
Ohio: Connect Your Community - $18.7 million
(This project benefits Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, and Mississippi as well)
Vermont: e-Vermont: The Vermont Community Broadband Project - $2.5 million
Washington: (Spokane) Spokane Broadband Technology Alliance - $980,000
West Virginia: Equipping West Virginia’s Fire and Rescue Squads with Technology and Training to Serve Communities - $4.5 million