Low Power Television and Translator Digital Upgrade Program


Eligible Equipment Eligible for Reimbursement



Modify Existing NTSC to Digital (Digital in, digital out)


$6,000 maximum


Regenerator or Processor

Transmit Antenna (Panel or Slot Only needed for channel change)

Receive Antenna line and preamplifier

Simple or stringent mask filter (when required)

Engineering services (re-tuning, system setup)

Surge Suppressor

Installation for antennas

GPS Filter (depends on channel of broadcast)




Replace Analog (NTSC) with Digital (ATSC)


$20,000 Maximum


Translator with modulator/processor, simple mask filter and GPS filter

Translator Modulator/encoder/multiplexer (can be substituted for a new translator)

Extra cost for stringent filter (when required)

Transmit Antenna (Panel or Slot)

Transmission Line w/ connectors, hangers, etc.

Receive Antenna and preamplifier

Installation for antennas

Surge Suppressor