April 8, 1998

2300 M Street, NW Washington, DC 20037, U.S.A.


R. Verrue, Director General for Telecommunications, Information Market, and Exploitation of Research (DG XII) met with I. Magaziner, Senior Advisor to the President for Policy Development, on the subject of Internet governance.

Mr. Verrue presented the reply of the European Community and its Member States to the US Green Paper on Internet governance, adopted on 16 March 1998. In particular, R. Verrue emphasized the need to recognize an international approach; address issues of jurisdiction; trademarks and dispute resolution; competition issues; and the selection of new Registries for generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

Further discussions may take place in light of developments on both sides of the Atlantic.

Hugo Paemen
Head of Delegation


US DOC/NTIA note: Transcribed from facsimile dated April 9, 1998. Full meeting attendance included: For the EC: R. Verrue, H. Paemen, A. Servantie, P. Moll. For the US: Ira Magaziner, Becky Burr, Karen Rose, Greg Chang. Meeting date: April 8, 1998.