Technical Management of Internet Names and Addresses

Meeting Summaries and Other Communications

Open meeting with the Asia & Pacific Internet Association (APIA), 2/17/98 in Manila, Philippines

Transcript of a February 23, 1998 public hearing with Ira Magaziner and Beckwith Burr

Meeting with Francis Gurry, Legal Council, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), 3/3/98

March 9th Public Letter -- IBM, Internet Technology

Meeting with Gurrin Goldsmith, James Ackermann and Hsiaosu Hsuing of Mitretek Systems, 3/11/98

Nightly Business Report interview with Ira Magaziner -- Transcript 3/10/98

Meeting with Paul Garrin and pgMedia Representatives, 3/13/98

Written Statement of Ira C. Magaziner, White House Senior Advisor to the President for Policy Development, before the Subcommittee on Basic Research, 3/31/98

Meeting with Ambassador R. Verrue of the European Commission, 4/8/98

Remarks by Assistant Secretary Larry Irving to Educom Net 98, 04-16-98

Ex Parte filing of Jay Fenello, President Iperdome, Inc., 4/23/98

Notes from E-Commerce meeting organized by GLOCOM Tokyo, March 10, 1998

Response of the Commonwealth Government of Australia

Ex Parte Filing of Susan Davis, Susan Davis International, 5/01/98

Letter from Senator the Honorable Richard Alston to Assistant Secretary Larry Irving, 4/98

Ex Parte filing of Karl Denninger, MCSNet, 5/6/98

Ex Parte filing -- Conversation with Dr. Robert Kahn, 4/21/98

Ex Parte filing of Frank Paganelli of Blumenfield & Cohen and Paul Garrin of pgMedia, 5/8/98

Ex Parte Filing of David R. Johnson -- 4/28/98

Ex Parte filing of J. H. Kent, INTA -- May 7, 1998

Ex Parte Filing of Kathryn Kleiman, General Council, DNRC -- June 2, 1998

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