NCR 92-189742
Amendment Number Thirteen (13)

  1. The Department of Commerce and Network Solutions, Inc. agree that for the Phase I deployment of the Shared Registration System, NSI's prices for Registry Services through the Shared Registration System in the gTLDs for which NSI now acts as the Registry, will be no more than $9 per year per second level domain name registered, payable at $18 for new registrations and $9 per year on the anniversary date of the original registration beginning at the end of the second year and for every year thereafter.
  2. The Shared Registry Section of Amendment 11 is revised by adding the following sentence:

  3. The Registrar License and Agreement attached and identified as Exhibit 1 is approved for use during Phase 1.

  4. Except as modified by this amendment, the terms and conditions of this Cooperative Agreement, as amended, are unchanged.