From: David Tusan <>
To: <>
Date: Sun, Jul 2, 2006 11:49 PM
Subject: the internet

Read below if you have time, if not Please skip down to below the dashes for final messages.

I recently read an article about what a senator thought about the intenet!

On my favorite news site. I found that it incredibly sad that real experts have not breafed you guys. I've spoken on the phone with a verizon representative and was told that I was "protected by the Fcc" but I find it hard to believe him when these new developments show up. I really don't feel like the government is protecting the internet. The internet is not just used for web pages and email, it is used by devices, businesses, and people in a variety of ways. Big internet companies don't want to provide services to thouse people who use the internet for more then most people do. Some people like myself have no choice where I live as to what Internet company I can go through. There is not one single alternative that can allow me to play on line video games without "Lag." I have been practicing every day and hope to enter in a tournament soon and impress this new girl I met by winning some money. I have to use comcast if I'm going to practice. The senators "delay time" isn't caused by the "toobs being filled up."

Please have an expert who does not work for an internet company talk to you guys on how the internet actually works and what the big companies are really trying to do. This is a sad attempt to make the internet more profitable and less usable to us the American people. Most importantly, please, protect our rights as internet users and give us choice of high speed providers.

The providers aren't the ones who need to be protected, it's us the users who need protection.

The internet should run the same way it runs right now. (Cept for maybe a few less monopolys.) I pay to have a company connect me. I don't tell them I want certain services slower then others just because they think that thats okay.