From: "Alex Tetreault" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 12:57 AM
Subject: ICANN/NTIA comments.

There are just a few very general but strong belief and philosophies I have about the operation of the internet, and I am sure they are shared by countless other internet-goers.

Nuetral Speeds-
The biggest scare concerning the fate of the internet I have right now is telcom companies creating this tieried system thats been talked about lately. The thing about this is it sounds great and all for higher companies. The more bucks a company cares to dish the faster they can provide to their customers. Thats great for the bigger companies than can afford that, but what about small websites, or sites on free hosting plans? Their speed will surely suffer greatly. Look at other major communications- the telcoms don't give a faster phone connection for more money, it all connects the same way. The internet should be no different. It seems to me as a way to bury free speach.

Zero Censorship-
Saying what can and can't be on the internet is rediculous. Take child pornography for example. Here, its a crime and taboo. I'm sure there is at least one country in the world that it is not. To disallow that country from seeing it is rediculous. Track people that go to the sites in question, or make it illegal to visit there, but you can't censor the one type of media that has remained uncensored because people stumble across sites they prefer not to see. If a person does not want to see a givin type of content, they can censor it from their own computer. If we start censoring little things, we could eventually end up like china.

Sharing of Power-
No one country should control the internet. Share it with the world powers. Picture the internet as it's own little country where everybody has a say in what happens, but nobody can dictate action without approval.