From: Scott Templer <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:13 AM
Subject: Net Neutrality Needed

To who it may concern:

The internet today thrives on it's openness. And it should remain so.
The Cable Co. and the Telco's want you to believe that this will cause a
bottle neck. But this isn't true. A pipe is a pipe the only limit on what
you can put through it is the size of the pipe. They want you to
believe that we need several pipes all of witch they can charge more
money for but I am already paying for the Internet as a whole.
I don't want a company to split it up and have to pay $50buck for each.
that isn't conducive to a free and open internet. Internet access is far
faster in some parts of the world and the Cable Co. and Telco's here
are the reason why we are behind other countries in the world as far as
Internet Broadband access goes. I plead with you let the Internet
stay as it is.

Thank you
Scott Templer