From: "mill master" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:15 AM
Subject: net neutrality

to whom it may concern; my understanding is that net neutrality is a current
topic that the senate or whoever is debating. My concern is that a lack of
knowledge of how the internet itself works will steer politicians in the
favour of lobbyests from cable and telco companies. If AT&T etc are allowed
to have it there way, they may sonn have a teared service set up so that
customers and site operators are forced to pay out more money than they
already do. For example, GOOGLE is currently the number one search engine in
the world beacuse of the scope of the search and the other products they
offer. If the telcos have there way they may be able to look at GOOGLE and
say "youre number 1 beacuse of speed and volume, but if u want to stay that
way, u need to start paying us a toll for allowing all of the traffic
through to youre site, or well throttle you and make your page load slower
and slower till people begin to youse the competition". On the average site
operator side, my favourite podcast has over 300,000
listeners a month may get a call from there hosting service saying there
prices went up beacuse AT&T saw how much traffic was being directed to there
service so they need to pass the cost on to KATG to stay afloat. Those are
just two comon examples of what will be effected if you allow lobbyests to
educate the ppl who dont know and are incharge.