From: "Stephen Smith" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:18 AM
Subject: Regarding the governance of the internet

I am twenty years old. I have been an internet user since before 1990. I
have watched it grow and change from a place of amusement to a tool for
business. I remember discovering the King James Bible on a gopher server on
a campus in California. That was special, despite that I could have reached
two feet across my father's desk to pick up a Bible in three or four
translations. I believe that my future in business is directly tied to the
internet. I also believe that the United States should not relinquish
control of the internet and its central governance. I do not believe that a
multi-national governing body would be the right organization to manage the
internet. The United States has so far done an excellent job of providing a
politically neutral platform for international business and pleasure. I also
believe that the internet's "pipes" should remain neutral and indifferent to
the data which passes through them. I support net neutrality and United
States control.

Clay Smith