From: Bill Lynch <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:20 AM
Subject: Opinion

Dear to whom it concerns,

Do not let the communication industries sway you with their lobbying
tactics! They will lead to the downfall of the internet. An internet
where everything has a price, and only the big companies have a slice of
the pie. How will xxx company compete with, let's say, Microsoft, when
Microsoft pays millions to use the high speed bandwidth, but the smaller
company cannot? What if my ISP (Comcast), starts charging to use VOIP
(broadband phone)... and won't allow me to use a free alternative such
as skype? Unlike they tell you, not every place has alternative ISPs
(internet service providors). I have one, Verizon, which is not Cable.
For some reason (hmmm)... there is only one Cable company in this area.
Therefore if Comcast does something unfair, I do not have an alternative
company to switch to use cable. Make sense? I hope so. I really hope you
read up on what could happen in the future without guidlines. We need
equality for every website and service! I've seen the videos on how
senators and representitves are explaining this whole situtation. They
are usually flawed, or totally incorrect. Homework needs to be done on
this... read up PLEASE!

William Lynch