From: "Forrest Marvez" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:32 AM
Subject: Concerned Citizen Opinion

I, along with millions of other citizens are growing increasingly concerned
about the status of the Internet and its future. The Internet has been fine
for the past decade, and in the past decade it saw the unprecedented growth
because it was a free market like system that encouraged the same growth and
freedom across the world. Freedom of information, expression, communication,
and commercialization; the Internet provides many freedoms, but this
legislation in its current form stands to erode or destroy some of them.
While I understand the governments concern for regulation of the Internet, I
believe that it is larger than one government and in fact quite disastrous
to try to change something so large with such little understanding of the
impacts. This decision should not be made as lightly as it is, there should
be years of studies and committee hearings with members from all sides, and
not only that, our elected officials need some serious education regarding
the matter, not just read a brief or be "informed" by the big telephone,
ISP, or cable companies.

For instance, many elected officials have very little understanding about
how the Internet works and how the market that has been created on the
Internet would be affected by the pending legislation. The current proposal
could cause a splintering of "Internets" (or large scale networks) that
would not only slow down communication and the Internet economy, but also
create a chaos that would make the current Internet look tame in comparison.

I, as a concerned and voting citizen who has already voiced my opinion to my
Congressmen and women, sincerely hope that this bill is tabled until it can
be further researched and a more informed opinion can be formed by our

Forrest Marvez