From: "Branden Rager" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:34 AM
Subject: Public Forum

The US and it's tax payers created the Internet, and we've done a great job. But we are living in a global economy that heavily relies on the Internet. Other countries have reservations about the US's supreme control over it's architecture and governing rules. I think to ensure the stability of the worlds economy, the United States should share it's power over the control of the Internet, but at the same time keep significant control over it (We have done a great job, we also are the only ones with the experience!). My specific suggestion is to create a world body (outside of the UN!!!!!!!) that mimics the US govt( works!). Have an Executive, Bicameral Legislative, and a Judiciary branch. The US should keep control over the executive branch of the body until such time that the world is in a place where the spirit of the Internet can be insured. Each country should have a representative in the "House", and the "Senate" should be filled with people that have been selected via a division 100 regions of the world. The judiciary should be filled with 1 member of each of the G8, plus China, Australia, and two of the most developed nations in Africa and one member from South America (13 total). I call this System The Net Democracy, NetDemfor short.

To be an "elected" member of the NetDem, you must have a degree relating to computer science and worked in the field for at least 10 years, or have experience (@least 10 years) in deploying and maintaining large networks ( 1000+ Network Nodes).

I think to have a good transition from the current system, the forced upgrade to IPv6 would allow for more room in error while the new system would get acclimated.

Just an afterthought, but an Internet bill of rights wouldn't be a bad thing either. (If you want the US to share the power over the Internet, you must allow your citizens to do the freedom of speech thing...ect.*Cough*China*Cough*)

Also, living in the digital world we do, privacy protection would be a great thing. Make all registrars make all new and renewed registrations private. My name, home address, and phone number are a nice starting point for identity theft. This should be compulsory and ZERO consumer cost(common, really not that hard to implement) or revoke their registrars status.

These are my Ideas.

Branden Rager
Florida, USA 32303