From: Mike Santoro <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:39 AM

In my opinion the internet is the one and only platform where everyone is truly treated as equals. Its the one place where anyone can create content, be it for entertainment or educational purposes etc... and what becomes popular is decided upon by the people that use the internet. It gives everyone a chance to speak freely. This should not be interfered with by any government or corporation. When i open my web browser, i should be able to go to visit any site i please. This is what i am paying for every month. Anything different would resemble television for example. Can i create my own television show and put it on the air for all to see? No. We do pay, as consumers, to put content online. Its not free to put content on the internet. Someone somewhere has to host the content, and that costs money. WE ARE PAYING TO DELIVER CONTENT AS INDIVIDUALS AND SOMEONE PROFITS FROM THIS WHETHER MY CONTENT GENERATES INCOME OR NOT.

I can only see one reason why big corporations would want to have control. MONEY. It seems like they feel threatened that they have the potential to fold or go under if they do not get what they want. Maybe they need to think about why that is and change with the times instead of trying to dictate or keep control with deep pockets. If it were possible for us to build reliable cars that ran on water, would companies like Ford try to keep this under wraps or would they change with the times and start producing new designs that were designed to run on water? Or well wait a minute.... ummm... ok well never mind

If i wanted to see content based on what big corporations want me to see then i would turn on my television.

I for one vote that we need NET NEUTRALITY as it stands today.

Its a shame that i have to sit here and think that most likely, this letter will not be heard. But i am writing regardless.

THE OUTCOME OF ALL THIS WILL SAY A LOT ABOUT AMERICA.... and i'm sure plenty of people are watching and waiting to see the result.

Mike Santoro