From: Vinay Aggarwal <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:48 AM
Subject: Let me help you understand the real issue

In order to understand what is being offered, let's draw a parallel
between non tech world. This will help everybody understand what is

You send your children to school. You pay for the fees and you get all
the services like cleaners, security, various teachers, school bus,
building. Now what will happen if the security guards starts demanding
money from rich parents for protecting their kids? What if the teachers,
cleaners, school bus driver...everybody starts asking for more money? Do
you know how many people you will have to pay just to send your children
to school?

Now let us say that not only in schools, but it starts to spread in
every part of our lives. What if the postman starts asking you more
money for delivering important mails. What if the cable guy starts
asking you money for each cable channel?

This will make society immensely complex. The day to day life will not
only consume most of our energy but also become many times more costly.
Citizens will have much less time doing actual work, productivity will
take big hit. And who wins in the end? Nobody does. The society as a
whole will lose out.

Apply same concept to technology world. If net neutrality is not
maintained, US technology companies innovation and startup environment
will die. US will fall behind the world in technology. The country as a
whole will lose.


1. Neutrality is what consumers want

2. Neutrality is what high tech companies want

3. Telecom companies have already done enough damage by not upgrading
their networks. US is far behind in terms of consumer bandwidth offered.
Japan and South Korea offer 100Mbps for around $40 per month while in US
we get only about 3 to 6 Mbps. US rank fell from top 5 to 16th spot