From: "Rocky McVey" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:52 AM
Subject: Internet

To Whome It May Concern:

The internet is fine as is, however it will and must change, and thus is why I submit that the internet should not be goverened by 1 specfic country, which will ultimatly lead to each country have a seperate internet and rules and regulations that will cause the flow of traffic accross nations to become very hard and end up causing the internet to be nothing like it is today. For the internet to survive also, it does not need large telecoms pushing their weight around, this will only hurt the consumer, which are also the voters.
Be It ICANN or some other organazation, the internet needs to be goverened by an international organazation, that has no alliance with any country or corporation, it should be made up of the top minds in technolgical, Socialogical, and Commication fields. None of these people should have ever had worked for a telecom or have a policial agenda.
Freedom should remain a stable part of the world wide web, while I understand certain ruls and regulations will always apply, the internet gives people from all over the world a ventue to express their beliefs and thoughts, and the people are the only ones that should be allowed to decede what types of sites they want to visit, not any goverment or corporation.