From: Chris Staines <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 2:00 AM
Subject: As the leading force in the world, the United States...

As the leading force in the world, the United States must retain the
candidness that the Internet was built on. Allowing the corporations
who likely hold the most monetary, continued value from the growth of
the Internet, the AT&T's & providers, allowing them to compose the
Internet in a way that they deem fitting is UnAmerican. If these
companies provide a separate access structure for sites they deem
fitting, whether through Mafia-like tactics of fees or intimidation,
then they are essentially creating a pay-or-prejudice backbone that the
American public will not stand for, but will have no choice in using,
given the current monopoly of Internet providers. Yes, you may choose
between DSL, Satellite, or Cable, but in some rural areas, you have just
one. Is the creation of new revenue for corporations already more
money-oriented than overseas companies worth alienating users in the
outskirts of the United States of America? The Corporation is NOT the
voice of the people. The people, through the Internet, have a freedom
which the United States was founded on and progresses toward, through a
fair and equal society, where no man or woman, despite their status, is
treated any differently from another under law.

Thank you.

Keep mogul-oriented corporations from creating a pay-or-prejudice
Internet, which would inherently siphon information from the grasp of
the American people and into the hands of the physical-only dollar.