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Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 2:33 AM
Subject: An idea about the transition

Here's a post from my blog, I wrote it couple of days ago when I opened my blog.
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
On Being An Internet Citizen

Ok... I tought on this a long time ago, while i was trying to open a gmail account with my old nickname.

I used the evilbit nickname since 1 April 2003, i got the nick from the 3345 RFC (Request For Comments) which provides a jest method for detecting malicious packets that are being sent across the internet. Every year on April 1st , the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), an organization of engineers that is known for developing standards for the internet and computer industry, introduces a jokingly internet standard. The 3345 RFC states that malicious parties, that have malicious intent, should set an evil bit in a "security flag" in an IPv4 packet. on the other side, firewalls, which have trouble in detecting malicious packets in other means, would check this bit and drop packets that have malicious intent. what a nice world that would be!!!

Well, I used the nickname and I was happy and blissful with my selection, it's cool and it's smart. Moreover, I was the first to use it! When i first opened my Gmail account and find out that somebody else were already registered with my nickname, I was raged! I was furious! but then again I understood that it was a matter of time until somebody else would use it. Since then, I changed my nickname to evilbitz so I could be more unique, I even purchased the domain name.

But the whole situation gave me an idea.

I have a cool nickname.
I want to protect it.

Why not registering nicknames/usernames in some kind of an internet organiztion?
It will be done like the process of registering domain names, and each person would be able to register only a single username (the organization would register and relate a real life person to an internet username).

It would be great!

Think about it, every service at the internet will have an authetication mechanism that will be communicating with a central username / password internet server. you would be able to login into ANY forum/chat/service with your central registered username. it will be protected by a digital certificate and surfing the internet would be able to be done only with the private key. It can be managed over a VPN that would create a more reliable internet, or "another internet".

Now, the implication for this are enormous:
Every surfer on that VPN is a real life person, there will be law and order.

No party would be able to take malicious action!
You won't be getting any SPAM!

I think that eventually it would be a preference for all internet users to use this more secure "internet".

It would create a global world wide internet citizenship.